Hi I'm JimmyJames

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  1. Hello to all who read this.

    I'm Jimmy and I just found this forum.

    I live in Texas on a farm but I'm from the great city of Chicago, I met a girl and ended up here sadly...... Texas isnt the place for a guy like me being that I live in the country and it's very much the bible belt down here. So it's kinda ....... really boring.

    Lets be honest here I love to smoke you know what........

    I also have a deep intense passion for music and I own 1000+ cd's and a few hundred albums on vinyl. I have also never downloaded a song EVER.

    I could say a few other things about my self but I feel I'm over indulging...... less me more of whats going on in here.
  2. do you know jimmy john by chance?

  3. No...... but for some reason a person on another forum i post on calls me that........

    Is this some kinda sammich joke???
  4. Do you know JimmyJoe by chance?

    How did you know I just ate a sandwich?
  5. Your posts smells like fine lunch meats and cheese.

    Thats how I knew....
  6. JJ whats up kid dynomite.
  7. Are you Jimmy James from Jimmy James and the Blue Flames? ;) (Hope you get my joke. haha)

  8. I get that joke and it's actually part of the reason I use this name at all the forums I post at.

    Reps to you good sir.

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