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  1. Hi, my name is David and I like smoking weed! I've been smoking weed since I was 18. I'm 25 now even though I don't look like it according to a lot of people. But oh well, that just means I'll look really good when I get even older! HA-HA! Weed makes me feel like I'll never grow up or get old. Even though I know that's not the case. I like music and the outdoors and spending time with cool people. I don;t make friends very easily like a lot of loner stoners but oh well quality over quantity has always been my motto.
    • I'm in school for music business (pfttt) and hope to graduate in 2021!
    • I'm 5'7", my eyes are hazel, I wear a size 11, and I have really big hands
    • I'm the youngest of all my cousins and siblings
    • I've never had a real gf. I had a girlfriend in HS for about a week but that was it!
    • I've had sex 3 times in my life and didn't have my first really good kiss until 22!
    • I play the drums, piano, guitar, and banjo and have made money doing so
    • I've worked well over a dozen shitty minimum wage jobs, including camp counselor, roofer, factory worker, donut maker, cart pusher, truck unloader, shelf stocker, dishwasher, cleaner, burger maker, pizza maker, painter, and carpenter!
    • I've been to Australia and Costa Rica
    • I like cats
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  2. This isn't a dating site dude lol
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  3. SHIT!
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  4. Are you really this starved for attention Dave? Cause that’s not gonna get you laid?
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  5. Hi
    I’m David
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  6. I was literally just introducing myself in a forum categorized as introductions?

    how about YOU tell me what will get me laid then huh huh huh?

    i guess i'll just gtfo lol
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  7. jesus fucking christ....
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  8. you people hate what i look like i just know it, i guess i'll delete my acct again see yuh
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  9. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Be glad they made me remove you as my avatar because YOU are the one plastering it all over.
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  10. Alright i'm sorry i said hello. I'm a severely depressed suicidal aging stoner dude in his 20s suffering from affection deficit disorder because i'm fuck ugly and as one girl said i have a face only a mother could love so excuse me for saying hello to the internet when my present reality has me stuck in a rural area with minimal human contact apart form my shitty 9-5 40 hour a week job. i'll leave you in peace because my rep is obviously so shit now there is no point in even trying to use this site
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  11. Where do you live dude? Are there no bars or clubs or YMCAs?
  12. If you’re here for friends you have to contribute. As in any relationship, you have to have something to add. Don’t just go right to poor me.
    I’m 53 years old and sick as a motherfucker. Honestly I’d give ANYTHING to be a young healthy 25 year old.
    Now put down the phone and go for a jog.
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  13. Hey man, don't run off! We need more musicians here! I think it's cool that you play banjo piano and drums. I play a shitload of instruments too. If you're interested in learning a new instrument, I highly recommend mandolin, because once you have the fingerings for mandolin (which is dead easy, btw) it opens up playing violin/fiddle, viola, cello, string bass (although you gotta learn how to bow), mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello, bouzouki, and cittern.

    BTW, I didn't notice any warts or vestigial horns on your head. Dunno what you mean about your looks. :p
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  14. From the time i was 20 to 25 I was out of my folks' house living in apartments and working and eventually I went to college, but I fucked up and lost my job and all my money and my house so my parents took pity on me and I live with them for now while I save up and get out. But they live in rural western new york (literally Amish country) , I have no friends out here.

    Amish girls be mirin me when i go for jogs shirtless tho, srs. But they also don't shower or use toilet paper so
    I need to look like Brad Pitt. I'll settle for nothing less until i do, and neither will they. Apparently

    Oh yeah i wanna learn how to fiddle, actually i learned guitar after banjo and it was easier than banjo itself haha!
  15. You're 53??
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  16. He’s cute right?
    Holy shit @mrloverlover I totally get you now. Amish girls, well at least they can cook God bless them.
    See just explain and we’ll probably be more understanding.
    I think you’re learning important lessons about life atm.
    Sucks BUT your parents have your back.
    Life ain’t about getting laid. Don’t believe all the hype.
    Love love LOVE yourself and life. If you don’t no one else will.
    You’ve got a lot of energy, do something positive with it Dave.
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  17. Banjo was my second instrument after the autoharp of all things (lol!)... but you're right. Banjo is weird. Of course, guitar is weird too. Mandolin is so easy you can learn every fingering on it in about an hour. There's two positions for major scales, and two positions for minor scales, and that's pretty much it. There's no exceptions to the fingerings so once you have those four scales, you can play in any key pretty effortlessly. Of course, on the downside....

    It sounds like a mandolin! :D
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  18. I am :passtheshit:
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