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  1. I am not a troublemaker but I was recently banned from Marijuana.com for talking about, or I should say asking about a growing question. I enjoy all the options you get here already, and the topics that are allowed to be talked about, I've been checking through posts on grass-city all day, so easily addictive is a good thing. I am a smoker for 8 year's, yes I started out at 13 kinda young but I'm proud of it! I am graduating high school in 4 weeks. Lately, I've been on a broke break from bud and have started my own grow which violet is 3 and a half days old, If shes not a girl I will feel bad for calling her sexy azz violet, anyway Glad to join , can't wait to get more involved!
  2. haha hell yeah man..i started smokin when i was 13 too! Now im 18 and about to graduate high school in a few weeks. but yeah its pretty open here..you wont get banned unless you really try too. Why would they ban you on marijuana.com for talking about marijuana? thats weak. but anyway when will you know when your plants a male or female??
  3. hopefully I will be able to tell in a few more weeks.Yeah MJ.com lost me for good and there nothing compared to this site anyway I log on here like it's my facebook,lol. Nah I just asked about my lighting and I log on to check answers and ....banned . One door closes another one opens. Anyway nice to kinda meet you, hopefully see some of your posts around the board I can give some insight to.

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    They couldn't have even known if you were a medical user or not and if it was illegal for you to be growing. Besides, they have a forum on there all about fooling drug tests, which obviously points to illegal activity so what's the difference between that and a growing question? No one on there would even be smoking weed if it wasn't for the act of growing it. What a lame ass site, lol.

    Welcome to the city, make yourself feel at home. :smoke:
  5. What's up dude.
  6. watsup people,

    Yeah the only reason I really liked it was a smaller community to get to kind of know the other toker's. hahaaaaa , I think I was closed minded cause you fuckers got ton's of interesting stories and information.My baby gre so much overnight like an inch and a half now and I'm starting to see the leaves : )

    Quick question. My plant is so young, how come it already has white hairs sticking all around the stem? Is it normal?
  7. that's probably a good thing! better than normal hahaa
  8. heck yeah, hairs after 2 days sounds like it'll be some dank, what kind of seed did you use?
  9. Just some mids out of a bag from my bro , he usually has dank but this wasn't to far off.
  10. cool, I'm doing my first indoor grow this year too. I'm using shwag seeds though. My buddy got a bunch of it and I picked out like 140 seeds for myself lol. its better than nothing I guess. if I'm successful this grow I might order some seeds from the city.

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