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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by denny1970, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I have a space of 10ft long by 3 and a half ft wide i have 2x 600 watts is that enough for ten plants i also have a 4inch air intake fan and 5 inch outtake fan its in the loft with kingspan boards 25 mm think all round should that be enough to insulate it any help thanks sorry about all the question in one hit

  2. with two 600watters
    you could have 23 plants. but that's following the rule of 100watts for the first plant, and 50 for the rest.

    you sound good to go man.
  3. more light is never a bad thing
  4. Yes more than enough lights aslong as the lights are kicking off 6000+ lumens, air circulation will be fine.

    Have you got your old eair exhausted OUT with a carbon filter?
  5. carbon filter all fitted just need to work on the smell thats gonna come out i wanna get it right 1st time
  6. You need to have the old air exhausted straight out of your grow room so that you have niceclean air being taken in instead od the old air getting caught up in your air flow, do you understand what i mean?

    i.e you could cut a hole in your grow room ceiling and exhaust into your attic space?
  7. Yeah mate i'm gonna take air from oneside of the loft and the exhaust will go out the other side. Does this air need to be pump in and out even when the lights go out. And should i put a flow meter on the fans to turn them up or down or just leave them as they are 4inch coming in 5 inch going out think thats neg air pressure as it is
  8. When the lights go out kill the air circulation about 10mins after you dont want cold air pumping around your grow space when the lights are out, your plants will freeze to bloody death.

    I hope i have cleared up your red mist area :)
  9. yeah thats great mate top stuff thanks again ;)

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