Hi everyone ima Back!

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic420, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone its me Chronic420 my computer got messed up bad and i lost everything so id like to get in touch with all those people i knew here :D very happy to finally be back
  2. Welcome back to the City!
  3. I dont know why but for some odd reason I read the subject as "I am a black" I dont know im so confused right now :smoking:
  4. ^^^^^
    hahahaha fruedian slip
  5. welcome back!!!welcome back!! welcome back!!

    anyone like welcome back by Mase?

    i'd like to welcome myself back aswell....
  6. word, its good to hear from ya again chronic, haah i think i posted a thread awhile back askin where u were...

  7. but seriously...everytime I try to read "back" i read "black"...I dont know why lol

  8. mase is sick.
  9. Welcome back to the City!

    Haha, Chris, I thought it said the same thing at first glance. Probably because there are a lot of vertical lines in the lettering in "Back." Or I'm just fucked up

  10. ya i thought it was black too. maby its the ! looks kinda like an l on a quick glance because you think it has five letters and there right.
  11. Negligent ! wasup man! i havent seen you in for ever dude Wuzaaaaaaaaaazaaap lol :D

    p.s oh yea its back not black lol :p

  12. YUP

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