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Hi blades, quick question about this strain: does it look indica or sativa?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TheCokeBaron, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. What does it look like if you can tell?


  2. dankkk dudeee whats it smell like? skunky or fresh then ill be able to tell you

  3. Def. not skunky, more like an earthy pine smell with a mild aroma.
  4. Idk...
    but it looks dank :)
  5. Looks like a hybrid yo

  6. How do you tell?
  7. haha I'm just guessing. But you're far more likely to find a hybrid than either a pure sativa or indica. Hybrids from what I know can vary so greatly that you can get great looking buds with nice bag appeal that are fully mature earlier than pure strains. As long as it gets you high thats what matters
  8. looks like Sativa to me. Smoke it and find out.
  9. This looks like a hybrid, but I would lean towards an indica-dominant. Sativas tend to be bigger and fluffier all around, and this one looks a little on the compact side.
  10. Looks fucking frosty.
  11. Technically every bud is a hybrid. Its nearly impossible to find a 100.00% pure indica/sativa.
  12. woah some amazing looking buds you got right there dude, i'd just smoke it and find out :D

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