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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PhillY, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. I dont know much about what is and isnt suppose to be said here. But I have been offered a deal by someone i know. He gets about a half pound to a pound a week. I was over there this weekend and asked him if he would like some help dealing the product. So now for my question...i would like as many tips as you guys and gals could think of. It would be highly appreciated! So now im off to watch a movie...ttyl!:)

    P.S. He said that he would like as much help as i can offer.
  2. HIGH PhillY, Hope ya enjoy the CITY!!

    Now on a more serious note, BE CAREFUL!!
    NEVER sell to anyone you don't know WELL!!
    NEVER sell to "friends" of friends!!!
    MAKE sure "reward" is worth effort!!
    DON'T do the crime, if ya can't do the time!!!!!!!!!
    :smoking: :smoke: :smoking:
  3. That is very helpful. Mmk...No, anyways on a more serious note. Yeah i already got a deal with some friends. They're asking for a half pound! But i already knew about the not dealing to friends of friends. Yeah but the info you gave me is a little general, i need more advanced advise. About the weighing and umm...Yeah lose of thought. So if I can think of anyother request about dealing i'll be sure to post another message!
  4. Welcome to the city man...and if you want some advise forget about dealing leave that to the bums who can't work cuz there so thick :)

  5. Hey man! Welcome and enjoy! Always glad to see new members.

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