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  1. :wave:Hi, I am new here, not to forums. I love cannabis, have been using it med/rec for over 10 years. I am a noob grower doing my best. A "medical patient" here in California, originally from Kansas.
    I love to share info, and love to gain good information even more. At times I can be a dick, I am very political, passionately political you could say. I am married, have a son, and just want to live the good life. I generally speak my mind, which at times has gotten me into trouble, but I never learn.:D
    I have an excellent cannabis pedigree, and have been blessed in my life to have the opportunity to taste almost everything that is available in California with only few exceptions.
    Hopefully I will get some entertainment, provide some entertainment, and gain useful knowledge about cultivating my favorite plant. At some point I hope to be able to return the favor and offer great knowledge about cultivating through grow logs ect. So that's it, I apologize in advance to anyone that I may intentionally/unintentionally offend, try not to take my political rantings too seriously, and try to remember much of what I say may have some slightly sarcastic tones to it. Thanks, now go burn one!:wave:
  2. Next stop, marijuana growing forums
  3. Been there done that, and will be doing that for quite some time!:D

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