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  1. Where the hell is snatch?!?!?!

    and Nubbin, don't you have time for ME anymore?
  2. apologies...apologies....its just...I had to return to fall semester of school and I am lacking the free time to dabble in the heavy conversation always going on around here...im still around...theres no way in hell im ever going away..im like a funky smell eminating from a mafia car's trunk...im permanent....."daddy when was nubbin created..."..."oh dont be silly son..nubbin has always been, and always will be"...
  3. When you visit the city, skim and scan for when I make a post and respond to all mine, how about that. ;)

    You know I need constant attention, I'm like a fucking Jack Russel terrier, ok? ;)
  4. ok ill do that...or i probably wont because im going to forget that i even got online tonight due to my excessive drinking...
  5. right yourself a fucking note for christs sake ;)
  6. i used a sharpee on my arm....it should remind me
  7. I guess that'll do, but you should have wrote it on your dick, you'd be sure to see it ;)
  8. nubbin where do you go to school?
  9. At the school of Hard Knox!!!!
  10. well I could tell you, but it would further expose my true age...ok ill tell you....im high...and i got to the university of oregon..or maybe i dont..maybe i got to highschool..or possibly kindergarden....maybe its a parenting school at nights and I sit in circles with strangers holding cups of coffee and smoking...maybe im high and that las one wasn't so much a parenting school as more of an AA class.....same thing...

    BTW girlie.. as long as you post your shnit in the general forum, ill always read it, im a mod in there so every new post automatically sends me an email notice...its like being psychic..only...its not my mind its my email...good bye

  11. My cousin went there for a little bit last year, I think she might be going back this year.

    p.s. Make sure you check pandoras box too ;)
  12. yeah dude i dont wanan reveal my true age as well though i feel like an old fart in all my classes.....but im not THAT old ya know........its cool i hear where your comin from........did i mention im drunk :D

  13. eh? lol sweet. drunk...sry...am i?

    I just felt like putting this guy here....[​IMG]blaaaaaaaaah lol :)
  14. Satan gave me a taco, and it made me really sick,
    the chicken was all raw, and the grease was mighty thick.
    The rice was all rancid, and the beans were so hard.
    I was gettin' kinda dizzy, eatin' up the lard.
    There was aphids on the lettuce, and I ate every one.
    And after I was done the salsa melted off my tongue.
    Pieces of tortilla got stuck in my throat,
    and the stains on my clothes burned a hole through my coat.
    My stomach was trembling, I broke out in a rash.
    I was so dry and thirsty, and I didn't have no cash.
    So I went and found a hose, tore off all my clothes,
    turned on the water and it shot right up my nose.
    Some old lady came along, and she thought I was a freak.
    So she hit me with her handbag, 'till I could hardly speak.
    I was laying there naked, my body badly bruised,
    in a pool of my own blood, unconscious and confused.
  15. sensi where are you gettin all those cool smilies???
  16. critter your the best
  17. I love those smilies critter. Guess i'll have to start using them!!!!

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