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HGS Superbud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by althor, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Here are a couple pics of superbud I recently grew out. This is 20 days in the curing jar.

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    First picture is blurry, but I have to say at a glance it most looks like what I see when I look at the buds, really red and abit on the fluffy side. The next picture is abit more shaded so it looks darker but you can see the reflection of the crystals on this picture. It was one of the most crystal coated plants I have seen and believe me when I say I have seen some CRYSTAL COVERED plants in the past.

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  3. Ok, sorry about the triple posts but I havent figured out how to put 2 pictures in one. And this is just some info about the grow and the smoke after.

    I had a bluehash, a cataract kush, and superbud growing in this batch. The superbud took off, quickly outpacing the other 2. By week 2 of flowering it was laden with crystals. At that point it had as much crystals as most fully mature plants I have seen. Around week 3 it released a menthol/green smell. If you rubbed a stem like Aladin's Lamp your fingers would smell strongly of eucalyptos. The buds began to fill in alot like an indica even though this is supposed to be 70% sativa, full bud branches. It topped out around 2 1/2 feet with 1 topping. Now, let me make this clear, I fucked it up some. Being the first time I have grown this particular strain and I have only grown a handful of mostly sativa in the past my experience was next to nothing. During the 9th week I saw the seed pods. When I break them open it is only the very beginnings of producing a seed, but it was definitely hermie. Fortunately it was at the end of the grow so all was not lost. But I do know with 100% certainty a 2nd or even a 3rd grow would be much improved. Even still, this bud is no joke. After telling my two best friends basically what I have just typed, they took it as meaning it was schwag type so they werent very excited when I told them they could come get some this past weekend.
    That lasted about 2 minutes after arriving and seeing it for themselves. And they were digging it even more after we smoked some.
    Smoke report:
    Ok, this bud isnt very intense. It doesnt hit you like a freight train.
    There is only a light piney smell with abit of musk, and the smoke is very very smooth going down. That might be the only problem, its so smooth you tend to take much bigger hits than you realize which can result in a cough session.
    3-4 hits from my trusty sneak-a-toke one-hitter has me feeling right. Not stoned but a nice high buzz going. It some ways its clear headed, but abit dumbed down clear headed. If you walk into the other room to get something and forget what it was, well dont be suprised. BUT you have no problem getting up and walking into the other room to get something so unimportant that you forget what it is. I find that to be a nice thing when I have things to do and dont want to be locked on the couch. While I will not say it gives you energy, I will say it does not drain it. And chores that you would normally find mind-numbing and easily put off will draw you right in, I havent had a dirty dish in my sink over 20 minutes in the past week that I have been smoking this. Another really nice attribute is the longevity. I keep a nice steady buzz for hours. And my two friends who sampled it this weekend both said it lasted 3+ hours before they were ready to smoke more. That is also very nice. I take a few hits and start doing something, 3 hours will go by without me even thinking about wanting to smoke more. Usually its when I finish what I am doing I think hrm, let me go take a few hits before I start my next project.

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