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  1. I am about to make my seed order for next spring...

    I am planning on ordering 20 seeds from HGS...

    I would like to maybe get white widow as one of my options...

    Which other strain should I get?

    *I am looking for something that will grow well outdoors.
    *I need something that will flower and be ready for harvest relatively early

    Hindu Kush?
    Blue Rhino?
    Black Queen (when it becomes available...)?
    NL #5?

    I know that some of those are listed as indoor/greenhouse, but they should grow well outside too, right?

  2. Dude... get that Hindu Kush. The high is incredible, and it should yield very nicely outdoors. Mine were at 50% amber by the 56th day of flowering... it doesn't need to go a single day over 8 weeks.

    You won't be sorry. ;)
  3. I think I will take your recommendation...

    Do you think that White Widow will do well outdoors too?

    I have seen some outdoor grow journals that have proven that WW can handle the great outdoors...
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    HGS' White Widow? I'm sure it would do some very nice things outdoors. I've never grown it, so I can't comment on it with first hand experience, but I've seen some grow journals on their site where their WW yielded pretty crazy indoors. I'm sure any of his strains would grow into monsters outdoors.

    I got the WW I grew from Greenhouse... big disappointment. If I ever try growing White Widow again, it will be from HGS.
  5. and to think that Greenhouse charge an arm and a leg for their strains. Lotta hype imo.
  6. let me suggest blueberry or that durban
    both are awesome.. cant speak for the hindu kush
    sounds nice though :D
  7. you should try one of their super strains. they look really nice
    the purple cindy is c99 and purple thai. i might order that 1 next year
  8. Their selection looks incredible... I can't decide!
  9. If I were doing an outdoor grow I'd probably go with Hindu Kush and Blue Rhino.
    But, all of their strains should be excellent.
  10. Given HGS's quality seeds....

    Do you think ordering 20 seeds would be too much for a 4-5 plant grow?
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    Could be, but too much is always better than not enough IMO. Besides, to end up with 4 or 5 females, you'll probably need to plant about 10 seeds.

    Plant 5 of each, and keep the rest for another grow. Including the free seeds he will send with your order, you'll have 7 or 8 beans left of each strain for the next year's grow - or you could always move inside for the winter with the remainders.
  12. What is HGS's germination rate? 80-90%?
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    More like 95%.

    I've had a few that didn't pop, but that's out of the 60+ seeds I've recieved from HGS. Of the 5 strains I've ordered, 3 germed 100%. The others had one or two in a pack that didnt pop for me.
  14. What percentage were female from those 5 strains? A solid 50%?

    I have heard that better seeds are more likely to produce females... is that true?
  15. Solid 50% in my experience. I don't know if I agree about seed quality being related to male / female ratio - I think it's pretty much always a 50/50 thing unless you're messing with feminized seeds... which I stay away from.
  16. I have never bought seeds before but Im for sure going to buy from HGS because they have the guarantee and I sent them an email to ask them a question today and they got back to me only hours later. I am definitely going to buy the Purple C99, I like the sativa and I've heard that C99 is the Holy Grail of weed.
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    His Avalanche has some BC genes in it so some of it has prolly been bred for the BC outdoors...... all of his supers will kick ass outdoors. Pretty much all of his stuff is bred to get big yields, that's one of the traits all his strains have in common.

    look at blk pearl if you're waiting on the queen
  18. Seems quite a few of us are awaiting the queen's return. :D

    You're going to have to get your orders in FAST when that shit hits the shelves.
  19. Is this a mostly or 100% indica?

    What do you mean by incredible high please? I would like to have a nice, hashy indica to try but nothing too couch locky. If it were a real nice night time smoke where it helped insomnia and improved sleep I would really like something for that.
  20. Darn, can't see the website right now. What makes the black queen so special?

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