HGB Grenade, Blue Dream. New glass and Nugget

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  1. [​IMG]


    Milk shot will happen later tonight!
  2. Amazing... Both the bud and the glass. Enjoy :smoke:
  3. [quote name='"smokinthepurpl3"']

    Milk shot will happen later tonight![/quote]

    Mad respect!
  4. How much did the piece run ya homie?
  5. The piece itself was $260. I got that, a hempwick lighter, isobutane, and a different bowl all for $300 no tax :)
  6. 12 arm?

    nice pickup
  7. yeah it's a 12 arm
    its actually mine lol, I just posted all that at a friends under his account.
  8. why did you use another account? Sick piece though dude.
  9. I was just at his house when we got back to town to use it. we're pretty close friends so we use eachothers accounts on pretty much everything but facebook lol
  10. Loving the Glass and Bud can't wait for those milk shots

  11. ..........?
  12. an isobutane lighter. clipper makes em. ill post a picture in a min of it.

    sorry for delay on milk shots too.. Xanax has been controlling me lately haha

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