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  1. hi there does anyone here know anything about hg hydroponics in the uk or has anyone every ordered from them before. any feedback would be nice KAT
  2. hi, do not order from hg-hydroponics.. there are numerous posts of people who have been ripped off by this guy.. there are no contact details on the website.. once you have placed your order all you will get is automated responses, and then nothing.. this is a scam operation who are as we speak stealing from people in the hope that they will not report it due to the nature of the products... there are threads on scamwarners, howardmarks website and rollitup.. i am working on having this site killed as so many poor people including myself, have been ripped off by this con artist.....
  3. hi guys,

    i ordered my Advanced grow tent package 27th of january and i am still waiting for answers... they do answer me sometimes but it is slow... but the problem is, i heard some people DO receive what they ordered and some people don't... so it's pretty weird.

    paid about 1500 euro's so i really hope they send it out soon. if they won't they have the wrong customer because i have worked with scammers before and i know how they do it. but i will just wait and see if my stuff comes in this week.

    They asked me extra for shipping because i chose the wrong country orsomething.

    But the biggest problem is, how can they have verified paypal, bank accounts AND a creditcard gateway if they are scammers... if they have scammed so many people the site should already be down by now and their accounts closed... so how can that be?

    I am still holding my hands in my hair and hope that my stuff arrives soon.

  4. If some people get their stuff and some don't.. they don't order there because there's a realistic chance you won't get what you've ordered.
  5. Yeah i don't know man... i also asked them to send it to amsterdam (was there last week, hometown) but they did not respond to that either..

    it seems we cannot email them anymore because their mailbox is full.

    kut situatie.. :mad:
  6. well i did order something off them before i found out all these stories, and i was worried it wsnt going to arrive but it did it was only mylar but it arrived
  7. Guys, dont order.. ok finally something came through the post... i should be happy yeah... no way... half of what i ordered came... the box had it clearly marked on it what it is.... like in big fuckin writing....i reckon the only reason i got something was because of the stink i caused online.. so still 400 out of pocket... dhl left the parcel in my open shed.... the whole area now knows what was in the package..... landlord everything.. these people have fucked up everything, everything is down now and not only am i out of pocket but out of everything else.. these people have cost us thousands.. scumbags idiots.. wasnt gonna post but listen... dont order and be thankful in some ways if your order doesnt come.. the receipt from the dhl guy had everything writen on it.. all our business.. these people are not cool.... gutted the order came now, half full but wrecked our whole thing and seriously would like this guy to crawl back from the rock he came fromx
  8. i see, how long did it take for you guys? as i thought... they really need to improve their service... i just hope i get my stuff complete...
  9. i got 3 tracking numbers of fedex that indeed goes to my location... so lets see, it sais shipdate mar. 4 and est. delivery mar. 11.
  10. so its being sent 2morrow i thought you only get a tracking number when the parcel has been sent
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    i dont know, maybe order orsomething, but i checked it on the Fedex site itself, and its corrent, including location the packs are going to...

    i called fedex to know where 'exactly' it is beeing sent from, but i can only see that when sent. so i will call tomorrow, for some insurance...

  12. initiated stands for it is yet to be collected by fedex, but u should get insurance just in case, oh keep me informed of the situation
  13. im sure u are its been a long wait my man for a few bits, i checked out that post interesting. Its such a shame so many people have this problem
  14. true true...
  15. DEAR ALL

    I am writing to you on behalf of HG, the company has now been taken under new owners 1/7/2009 and would like any one with ANY outstanding issues to get in touch with us asap so we can help rectify any outstanding problems.

    by either mail@hg-hydroponics.co.uk
    Live chat on the site 10-6pm daily
    or on 0845 643 5523 ( standard rate )

    We have just injected over £80,000 in to the business. We have a new premises. New Staff. Active phone lines. completely new website. completely revamped grow rooms and systems

    We no offer a price match guarantee - 7 day money back guarantee - and NEXT DAY delivery on all items, which you can track as of now.

    Our new premises will also be open to the public within the next 4-6 weeks so any and all are welcome to visit. we have one in lincoln, one in hemswell and a premises in peterborough.

    i have managed to look in to and contact 95% of the customers on this forum to resolve any issues useing details i can find. And i notice every one i have spoken to has stated there was a problem, but not a single person has stated that anything has, was or is rectified and that everything got sorted out.

    I understand everyone “tasha” included received there items or a full refund as i have extensively tried to go through this with the previous owners.

    I can assure you neither us...or the previous owners are in the business of ripping people off.

    The problem with the previous owners has become an apparent lack of business experience and a classic case of " to big to quick" and was unable to handle the business. we do currently ship to over 200 customers a week, and our new premises, hotline and next day delivery has ensured that we have put a solid stop to any issues and problems that previously occurred.

    i do realize the posts on this forum arent recent but on coming across this posts it is opf some obvious concern to me, The whole whole business is being redesigned and worked from the bottom upwards and i would like any one who is owed money, equipment or has any un fixed issues to contact us so we can help fix the damage caused by the previous unsatisfactory service.

    i am not asking for forgivness, acceptance, or sympathy just the opportunity to help fix outstanding problems associated with and cause by the old business

    Thank you all for your time.

  16. Yes, this was the case, i got pretty paranoid after a few weeks of nothing when i ordered... so i googled and found some pretty bad stuff... but i was also told that there were some issues and that HG was working on it.

    I finally got my products not all perfect complete but they shipped the missing items the next day and i got it 2 or 3 days later... was pretty much ok...

    Only the customers who ordered in that time period had a little bad luck.

    I'm satisfied with HG, but i only get paranoid pretty quick because i got ripped off once before.... but finally everything went well... only the time period for me to ''use'' the products got a little messed up but hehehe not everything is great eh!

    Anyway, good to hear that now everything is in order and that you have phonelines and everything, because back then it was REALLY impossible to contact... it seemed so dark and hidden, all the information so it really looked like a scam at first, though it was almost impossible because if HG was a scam, they would never have been able to have a CreditCard payment gateway.

    Anyway, im looking forward to my next order. especially now everything has been reorganized and well worked out!

    Thanks again HG!

  18. Sorry but what you say its just not true.

    My bank has sent you 1558 euros 4 days ago. They confirm that the money has been in your account for the last 48h but HG just ignores me.

    Do you really think that people like us can lose this amount of money? For some of us, this has taken a long time to save.
  19. First of all if you Paid with a Credit card or went though PayPal then there's nothing to worry about even if they are scammers. Credit card companies have A dispute department if you don't receive your product or if it's not a legitimate business the same thing with PayPal they will credit your money back to your account!!! Call your credit card company or PayPal whichever is easier and tell them the situation and they will put it right back on your credit card it's what you call a dispute! Save all your receipts.
    Good Luck

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