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  1. This seems like a chill place! My names angela, I'm 21! Living in california! Been looking for a place to conversate with others about the maryjane! Looks like I've found it :) anyways hello everyone!
  2. sweet dude! welcome to grasscity :smoking: hope you enjoy it as much as i do. lots of chill people here

  3. Thank you!! I have a feeling I will :)
  4. Welcome to Oakland bitch! Just kidding.

    Have fun.
  5. Welcome to GC:wave:

    Always nice to have another Cali member:D:smoke:

  6. HAHA!! thanks

    Yessss even sweeter is I'm in norcal too! Yaaa cali! Thanks for the welcome :wave:
  7. You ought to come to the high times 2010WorldHempFestExtravGanja!:smoke:

  8. Man I wish I knew people that were going to that!! Only know a few going to harmony festival. Maybe by 2011 I will, assuming there will be one!

    Also I assume you're going? If so hope you enjoy!
  9. what part of nor cal

  10. See ya in2011:D

    Yup I'm going, it's ten minutes from home:D:smoke:

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