Heyo everybody

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  1. Hey people! I'm pretty new here, but I've lurked for a few years :) I need more toker friends! Any Savannah ents out there? Maybe some with connects? See ya! :)
  2. Fresh meat!
    Quick, get'em!!
  3. Don't hate on the newbies! Lol
  4. It's called hazing.
    Lick my chocolate starfish.
  5. Hazing is no fun
    Maybe they wouldn't get so much grief if they read the forum guidelines. (As they promised to do when signing up).
    Ironically one of which reads to the effect of You can not ask for a hook up. Usually an immediate ban for a newb. :rolleyes:
    Let's see how fast you can edit your post. :smoke:
  7. Why would I edit my post? Speed limits are also rules and plenty of people don't follow them. You must have a pretty sad life if all you spend your time doing is butting into basically anything that has nothing to do with you. You can go to hell now, thanks :)
  8. Sure I'll go to hell. Just let me ban you first, I was giving you an out but I guess you're not one that could grow to be a Blade anyways.
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    My nigga.
  10. If IC bans you that will totally help me sleep tonight.

    Please help IC, I have so many scary nightmares. I cry myself to sleep and fear the boogyman under my bed.

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