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  1. Hey, I'm new here so don't be to harsh on me now, lol.

    I'm currently trying to grow some cannabis. I got the place where to grow it, which is in my closet. The temperature seems to be ok. The light I'm using is some flouresnet light which has 100 watts or so. The current plant I'm trying to grow is this:
    Thats in my closet btw. I placed 5 seeds in it after germinating, and I used the correct soil, which is 2 4 pound soil from K-Mart.

    Now I have a couple of questions. How much water do I need to have if I have 5 seeds in that pot and how much times a day? It's been 3days and I have seen no progess, and am worried since other people have seen something after awhile, or maybe it's just me being impatient :O. Btw I have 18hours a day of light, so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong.
  2. you water it once a week. and that light it wayyy to close.
  3. like popsoon said once a week and make sure it fully drains. And just to save you some money/time... when the seeds sprout cover your setup with a reflective board (fancy talk for a board covered with foil) good luck
  4. You sure once a week? Lol I doubt that... Probably little by little a day, not sure. Btw the light is 2inches from the soil, it just looks close because of the view.
  5. the reason for once a week is that seedlings dont need as much water as a big plant which would get water every othr day. I would start once a week then use common sense in between. and the reflective board thing was so that you dont waste light not bc it is close
  6. Hmm, alright, is there anything else you think I'm doing wrong or something?
  7. Oh btw, why is it bad to have 5 plants in 1 pot? It's a long wide pot, so I don't see why it would be bad...
  8. Put in some partitions so the roots remain separate.
  9. Oo, alright, so you think I'm doing anything else wrong? Oh and btw if you had a pot like that, how many seeds would you would of put in?
  10. do you want advice or not.. do what you want.
  11. I was asking relax... And yeh I do want some advice, if you don't have anything, I suggest you shouldn't come to any topic where people are asking for help?

    Oh and btw, how much pots and seeds in each pot you think I can get with just a 100W light?
  12. Most people who ask for help ignore my advice.

    Five threads later you see them asking the same question.
  13. ok for one you havent been reading the forums close enough

    5 seeds 1 pot = Bad ... Bro the roots will tangle if there not seperated i suggest when the sprout and are about 1 inch tall transplant them (CAREFULLY) to thier own potts ....

    no money ?
    No Problem !!

    use some butter bowls (The Big 48 ounce Ones) also the lid upside down makes a great water catcher for watering ur plant :)
    i use them cuzz i couldnt afford potts they should work for alot of the plants life....

    and i suggest you paint ur whole closet flat white or cover it with mylar

    the surrounding of ur plant should be really reflecting ....i DONT Suggest foil

    it burns ur plant when you use multiple lights Even Fluros

    and get more light .... like some cfls thier pretty cheap you can get a 4 pack for $10 at lowes and home depot
  14. So your saying for the different stages of growing, I will be needing in the future different size pots for transplating and more and bigger\better light? Can someone tell me the size of the pots for each stage and the least ammount of light I need for each stage for just an average size plant.

  15. i would go with 3 gallon buckets bro..... you will never need to transplant them again ...

    and yes more light is needed to grow em ...... they will grow with one light dont get me wrong but they grow faster with more fluros i say just go get a 4 pack of cfls

    heres a link to the cheapest i could find ...and they would work perfect ....Click Here

    your gonna need a Hps(High Pressure Sodium) bulb for Veg stage
    costs about $27 for a 150 watt new at lowes
  16. Lol those 4 bulbs is better than my light? Thanks for the help anyways.
  17. uhhh Yea those are better

    yea thier only 13 watts a peice but the replace a 60 watt so 4x60=240=more then 100 watts tube ....

    plus cfls are brighter it seems and gave me a rapid growth spur
  18. Oh alright, thanks. Anything else I need to know?
  19. Wattage is a measure of energy consumption not light output so is a very poor basis for comparing lights for growing. The magic multiplier applied to CFLs is an expression of the light output of a certain wattage CFL compared to the light output of a certain other wattage of standard household incandescent bulbs only. Basically CFLs are designed to replace standard household bulbs such as 60w, 75w, and 100w that we all are so familiar with and therefore are sold as lights that give off the same amount of light as these very familiar standard bulbs but for lower energy costs -- incandescent bulbs are pretty inefficient lights because they convert a lot of their energy consumption into heat instead of light.

    This multiplier cannot be applied to comparing CFLs to other kinds of light -- especially fluoro tubes which CFLs essentially are. The only basis for comparing lights by their wattage is to understand how much energy they consume, nothing else.

    The most readily-available standardized statistic for comparing the only thing that matters, the light output, is lumens -- the bulb with higher lumens will give off more light, regardless of the watts used to create that light. The other important number is the color temperature which indicates the spectrum or color of the light.
  20. So... What kind of light I would be needing for the final stage?

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