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  1. thanks for the info on my last thread you guys seem very helpful so i got another question for you...this october me and three friends are going back over to amsterdam (this will be our second time now) , who here thinks i should lets say...indulge for lack of a better word in there notorious red light district. Ive seen the hookers there already, they flash you and stuff and i was so tempted but was with two of my freinds cousins who opposed even the idea of hookers. Well im considering going to one this time 50$ for 15 min. i hear is the avg. going rate what do you think?? ......thanks again guys
  2. Amsterdam hookers are clean, they have a workers union and are required to be STD free. They get tested periodically for all sorts of nasty diseases.

    If you're comfortable with it. It's like a mix between a one-night stand and a stripper. If you've have those before then you'll love the ladies of Amsterdam

    I say go for it!

    One word of warning: There ARE transexual hookers, so keep an eye out for those adam apples.
  3. That's a personal question that none of us can answer for you. It sounds as if you're asking us so when someone says 'yes' you can feel moral about doing it. So, instead of asking us, ask yourself; once you get done having sex with this hooker, will you be happy, or will you feel dirty? Are you going to openly state to people in life that you've experienced the Red Light District at Amsterdam, or will you hide it in shame.

    Do what ever you feel will bring you the most satisfaction in the long run.
  4. If thats true then shit, why not? Im not afraid to admit I sure as hell would:devious:

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