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  1. when does growth really start exploding? I'm going into week 3 veg and my plant is bushy, but hasn't really grown much in height. Thanks
  2. IMG_0143.JPG Mines 4 weeks and it's the same - indica and satavia strains differ - ones bushy as a hobos beard, and ones taller.. I'll show you a pic of my funny looking plant... but once in flower they will grow 3x as big and you don't really want tall as fuck plants anyways.
    That was after I just tied it down a little on each side to get some light to her....

    Pretty sure I'm correct on this one... still a noob trying to give the best advice I can.
  3. Do you have pics

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  4. I'll send some pics when I get home.
  5. Thanks for the picture and response man.
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