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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. iam thinking of getting some thing like ur set up when i move out my 'rants houes. can u give me some step by step ints to get some thing like urs?, thanks. and when u say grow shop what do u mean by that?
  2. Heres a few nice set-ups...

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  3. and..

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  4. a lil more complicated..yet a little more ventilated..

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  5. wow what a room
  6. now that's what i'm gonna build when i get a bigger house.....it's gonna be one hell of a room....i'm actually going to buy my house in an ideal location, have a room with no windows at all...(not an attic).....and be in a location to discuise the noise from the fans.....and i'm gonna make a huge steel door over it, just incase someone breaks in....they'll never get through it......ohhh what a dream!.......Peace out....Sid

  7. that is my dream as well, only i will be in canada instead of this persicuting hell hole(not to say america doesn't have alot of great people and wonderful places, hey maybe it will change along with the regime)
  8. yeah bro if you live in the states you should be very careful bout growing. I live in california where the bud laws are pretty minor especially if you have a medical card but a friend of mine got caught growing and spent a few yrs in prison and now he cant get a good job because he is a convicted felon and he is back to living with his mom making 10/hr and some shitty job when most people his age have a family and house. And all this is mainly due to the fact that he decided to grow a few bud plants, growing is no joke. Just gotta give you a fair warning , if you still choice to grow thats your choice but personally i dont think its worth it and if your going to grow you might as well just go all out and become a dealer while your at it cause your allready gonna get atleast a yr or 2 prison time.

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