hey what do you think? I'm really new :/

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by djsilexz, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. hey there , im such a noob at this , yet i managed to keep this baby going because my friend had like 4 in his attic with like no sunlight and barely any water. 2 of them died and here are 2 that are somewhat still alive.

    these are just from seeds that came out of the bag of mj we smoked from.

    I made a growbox which i am pretty proud of... Eventually i will have to construct a bigger one but im not there right now.

    for the bigger plant, do i need a bigger pot?

    if you could give me suggestions that would be greatly apreciated!
  2. hmm about how many inches deep is ur soil? doesnt look deep enough to mee imo, phill the pots all the way to the rim, or just use some plastic cups philled all the way

    and theres defilently some stretching on the girl on the right. it needs it light :(
  3. thanks for the tip man , do you recommend like a red "beer pong" cup for the plants?

    Yeah , the one to the right was in the dark way too much. I took that picture around 30 minutes after it was in the light.

    so more soil , deeper, for the plants...

    should i put a fan in there to simulate wind?

    thanks for help man
  4. yes, you need a fan to circulate fresh air into the grow box. Also as was said before, your plant is stretching and without proper lighting and air circulation, it's steme won't be strong enough to support it's weight once it starts to grow.
    Good Luck!

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