hey this might be a weird question

Discussion in 'General' started by fruitality, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. does anyone's armpit sweat smell like pussy?

  2. Butterscotch b

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  3. like fish? ahaha
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    My armpits often smell of unicorn tongue. 
  5. My armpits smell like your moms armpits Omega369 :wave:
  6. .....if they do spray that bitch with febreeze
    what kind of pussy smells like fish wtf?
  8. oh you know. *wink wink*
  9. not any pussy I'd touch, fuck that, if it smells the dogs can have it
  10. My penis does.Sent from DEA Headquarters
  11. okay, my last girlfriends pussy stank, but i still ate that shit
  12. Pussy takes like licking a penny Omega369 :wave:
  13. dude
  14. Did you use Tabasco?
  15. mine somehow still smell like old spice from yesterday
  16. if your girl is real wet, she'll probably have a slight sweat/cum smell. thats pussy juice kid. chow downSent from my iPhone.
  17. use deodorant
    i didn't say the pussy smells like pit
    no thanks lol
    thats what i said lol

    i wasn't talking about myself
  19. id rather smell an arm pit that smelt like pussy then smell a pussy that smelt like armpit 

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