hey this is preety cool. if you had 4 g's

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by NCdoper, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. dear god that is insane gold gilded bong
  2. well i jizzed all over in my pants when i saw it
    but the price is a boner shrinker
  3. This is the 10000th time someone posted that link.
  4. One of my friends is ordering that bong next weekend.
  5. theres about a thread a week on this bong
  6. well this fuckin thing is so spectacular it should be stickied so all can wow at its amazement.
  7. anyone can at any time...its just on a different website
  8. Personally Id rather have a custom toro, with an inline ac. It would probably be less than 4k
  9. i thought you were talking about 4grams of weed. I was like Hey I have 4 grams what is awesome I can do with it. MM.. but no. I get cracked into this bong again. I see it at least once a week on the forums. Some need to search before posts. but its all cool. im to stoned to care for too long.
  10. yeah right

  11. ^^^ said it for me
  12. for your future reference, when you find something "new" on the interwebs, chances are, thousands have already seen it....

  13. post pics
  14. yes its a nice bong, but so many threads have been made about this bong
  15. what i dont get, is why $4000 for something that will hit exactly, EXACTLY the same as one if their $150 tubes. edit goes over board sometimes. i hope that shit never sells so they order better custom roors next time.
  16. So, I don't know if you have noticed but this website isn't just a forum, it's also a "headshop" and idk if SJ wants other online headshops being advertised on his stuff. That's probably why it's not stickied.

    This is a business, man. :D
  17. Fucking stupid bong.

    Theres so much more I can buy with that money than a 7mm, 45cm tall beaker bottom that hits pretty much like every other beaker bottom out right now.

    Screw that.
  18. anyone know if that sites trusted btw?

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