Hey, there.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by screech, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Long time lurker, figured I'd just go ahead and register already.

    I currently live in upstate/central NY as I go to school here, hometown is central MA. Uh, I dunno, I'm a classically trained musician, vegan, weed enthusiast?

    Some shit I like: viola, Beethoven, cats, art, NBC sitcoms, animated movies, kids' tv, gardening, hookah, tea, vegan food (so mainly vegetables), pot...

    Say hi if you like!

    I think I'm about to go take some bong rips and listen to Radiohead and maybe paint a little bit. What are you guys up to on this rainy Sunday?
  2. Hello and welcome to GC! see you around :smoke:
  3. welcome to grasscity :)
  4. its definitley a wednesday now, but i just took a couple fat dabs of some homemade oil and am about to go to band practice, we are tracking guitars today :p

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