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hey RMJL

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. *smack*

    TAG... YOU'RE IT!!! hahahahaha

    catch me if you can

    ::runs off and hides::
  2. What are your intensions with my gal friend??? Well are you going to tell me or you going to stay hidden all your life??
  3. And BTW it's

    *SLAP* right on the ass!
  4. You can't just sneak up on somebody, smack 'em, and yell "TAG...YOU'RE IT!" without them even knowing they're playing the game. That's just not right. I'd never do that!!!

    It's cool, though. I'll find out where you're hiding and I'll tag your ass back, Cottons! Then you'll be IT!

    :(I hate being IT! If I can't find Cottons soon then you guys had better watch out cause I'll tag one of you!

    (...Bud Head, one needs to know about that!)
  5. *SMACK*

    ...right upside the head!!!


  6. HAHA!!! You're too slow. You'll never catch me!

    ::::::doing the happy-hiding dance:::::
  7. I want to play! I want to play! Hehe, feel like I'm at recess again, running around the play ground. It's my turn, it's my turn!!

    *does hoping to play tag and glad to be a fruity dork dance*

  8. ::sneaks up behind indiana toker::

    *whack* TAG~~~~~ you are now it my friend

    ::runs to church to hide in confessional w/the church bong::

  9. Hehe, look out guys!! I'll get ya when you least expect it......

  10. i'll run up behind whomever i wish and tag them it... lol... blades and bladies beware... you could be it at any time...

    hmm... i better get back to the confessional before indiana toker tags me back

  11. Hehe, yes sir! Dang OFFF, spoiling this yungin's fun, LOL.
  12. HEY!!! I'm an OFFFer and I'm playing so shush it! ;)
  13. HEy RMJL, its the big Survivor finale tonight any predictions?

    I think Jan f she can make it to the final two.

    But the big Survivor winner is ME. 96 hours clean and sober but I will break that streak in approximately 90 minutes at 6:00 CST.
  14. Damn, it does come on at 7, doesn't it? Thanks for the reminder. Have fun breaking that streak, too!

    I'm thinking that it will be Brian and Helen in the final two. They have been bitching about Clay so he probably won't make it unless they want to be up against him to get the win. Everyone saw that Brian has some money already so they may choose to not take him into the final two but he and Helen have their little deal going on so it's all up in the air. If Helen and Jan go to the final then I think Jan will win because Helen annoyed the hell out of everyone with her recipes.

    So, basically, I have no clue! LOL!!! I would prefer ol' Jan but I'd say it will be Brian or Helen.

  15. I'm just hoping this freaking monsoon doesn't knock the power out during the middle of it tonight..

    And my truck makes it home thru the storm.
  16. isn't on yet.
  17. Now how come I'm never included in these games??? (sobs uncontrollably) I'll have to take double my prescribed dose of prozac!!!!!! LMAO
  18. damn... indiana toker got me via PM... sneaky bastard! lmao! that's ok though...

    ::runs up behind flowerchild and tags her it when she least expects it... 'causing her to drop her icecream cone... then apologizing for making her drop the ice cream cone::

    i'm stoned... like.... REALLY stoned :D muahahaha the evil straight streak is broken :]

    ::does happy he's stoned dance::
  19. *walks in*

    *tags everyone*

    *turns to walk out*

    *stops and mutters*

    "Tag 'em all. Let god sort 'em out."
  20. Hey, I'm here, what kind of tag is this? Freeze tag, regular, or perhaps the ass-slappin kind?

    ::Looks around suspiciously::

    If I had a spidey sense I think it'd be tingling right now...

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