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  1. Tell us kids a cool story from the 70s lol, your posts crack me up
  2. Called out. B)
  3. LOl thanks!!  
    Hmm.... a funny story I have not posted before huh? Let's see.....
      One time I was stoned and I walked into a woman's restroom by mistake. That was embarrassing.
    Ok here is one I remember:
      I was selling door to door. It was a crap job and i hated it. Nobody wanted to improve thier home. Anyway, I got high on the job. I was walking a nighborhood, and stopped by a park and smoked a j, then went back to work. I knocked on the door of this house and when the homeowner answered, I was supposed to go into a sales pitch. Anyway, halfway through the sales pitch, I was so high I got stuck and just stared at the lady. She looked at me and waited for me to continue my pitch. But I didn't say anything... I just stared at her. She didn't say anything either. She just gave me a weird look and quietly closed the door. There I was, faded out of my mind standing on a porch wuth a home improvement catolougue in my hand. Fuck....i'm high.... so i just went to the next house. LOL
    Ok one more: This happened recently too. Since it's Halloween, many business are decorating for the occasion. I was at a doctors office reception room waiting to be called for my appointment There was a Halloween decoration next to the receptionist's window. It looked like a jack o latern with free candy in it and I had the munchies. I said out loud in front of everyone in the room "oh cool free candy!" I went up to the receptionist window, but it was just a decoration. I said out loud "OMG it's just a decoration!" Then I turned around and about 10 people in the reception area were staring at me. I said "well, this is embarrassing" at i walked past everyone back to my seat.
    Ok I have one more story but this turning into a wall of text and I don't want to frustrate anyone.
    Thanks for calling me out!!  :)
  4. Ok here is a funny story from the 70's:
    I was about 15 years old and it was the first time i smoked hash. My friend had a song called "git wars" by mahognay rush. He put it on the record player and played it. I was so high that i thought we were being bombed and started crying lol. My friends laughed thier asses off at me.
  5. Yeah I love old school smoker's stories too, if this gets big enough, maybe we can have an official 70s stories thread or something?

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  6. <3 OSS man.  One of my favorite blades.
    Michael Douglas, I know it's really you!  Yeah..
  7. Ok one time when I was about 16, my cousin and I got high in the mountains. We rode our 10 speed bikes to a dirt trail that went up the side of a hill. We walked our bikes up the hill, and then smoked. When we were ready to leave, I wanted to walk my bike down the dirt trail. It was steep. This was a 10 speed, not a mountain bike. But my cousin was high as F too and he decided to fuck with me. He told me to ride the bike down the hill. At first i said no but he kept arguing that i would be ok. Fuckin aze if he didn't talk me into it. So I got on the damn 10 speed with these skinny ass tires on a rutted dirt trail. made it about 100 feet then i crashed. I looked up to the top of the hill and saw my cousin laughing his ass off as he WALKED his bike down the trail.
  8. Ok here is another story. Not from the 70's, but from recent times.
     I was in the theatre stoned outta my mind and I was watching Falling down with Michael Douglas. Anyways, every time he would do something rebellous, I would stand up in my chair, pump my fist in the air and scream "right on!" My friends were embarrassed and people were laughing and some were shushing me.
      But like in the begininning of the movie, when he got out of his car on the gridlocked freeway, and started walking away, and another guys says "hey where you goin? You just can't leave your car here!" and Michael Douglas says "i'm going home" and then just walks a way. I was like "YEAH!! RIGHT ON BRO!" right there in the theatre in front of everyone. I loved it.
    did it again for the fast food breakfast scene and the golf scene and the road construction scene. I fucking loved it!
  9. Is that you in the picture?

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF7OnW4XDck for real doe, shit had me chuckling
  11. Yes! This made my night lol
  12. No, but a close facimilie.
  13. Ok here's another one from the 70's...
      It was 1976 and my best frends just got thier driver's licenses. It was summer, so we decided to go to the beach. we had smoke and munchies. On the way there were two girls hitchhiking in bikinis to the beach. Damn straight we picked em up. Anyways there was 6 people in a 5 seater car. So one chick had to sit in between the driver and the passenger up front. There was a bag of potato chips on the floor betwwen the girls legs. The guy driving , casually starts putting his hand in between her legs, looking for the chips. She says "um, excuse me, what are doing?"
     He calmly said "I'm trying to get something to eat!"
      "Oh no your not! not there your not!" she said removing his hand from between her legs. We never laughed so hard in our lives!
  14. Thanks but don't lie In the final post!!haha
  15. Mahogany Rush is the bam boom skip skap skiddly wop pow dude
  16. i'm not lying. All these stories are true.
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    Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. At the Utopia Mountain Festival 1978. 
    Up front, pinned against the stage, right in front of his twin Marshall stacks.
    Went into "Electric Reflections of War" (which I think is the same thing posted above? Or maybe not.)
    I'm glad I was still able to have children. Out of that straight into "World Anthem". 
    Which is another rather dazzling piece of guitar work.
  18. There are actually huge disadvantages to being 23. These sort of stories make me realize that time and time again :p
  19. Ya wanna trade, I'm up for it. :ey:
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