Hey Nubbin, Check It Out...

Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Hahaha I saw a comercial for Dio(dont get me wrong i hate them) on tour last night and I immediately thought of your avatar when I saw the lead singer. They do possess the same kind of blank, disturbing stare :)

    Maybe nubbin's a younger version? :D

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  2. yeah sometimes i cant see any resemblence but then all of a sudden it will strike me.

    go figure
  3. hmmmmm, could be... Nubbin's guy looks a little more bald i think.
  4. hehe, nice....how about this..a little better?

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    get it away! get it away! get it away!
  6. come closer.....come to me....Ive got ice cream....
  7. lmao, that is so wrong
  8. ::runs::

    Ahhh busted ass hillybilly pedaphiles
  9. Making fun of a hard workin, devil worshipping, burnt out, has been rocker.

    Shame, shame, shame.
  10. .

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  11. icecream anyone

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  12. sometimes when its this wrong it has to be right. :D
  13. "dioooo has rocked, for a loong loong time..." Tenacious D

    i don't know what's scarier, dio on tour or NuBBiN's icecream molester
  14. Now he looks like Jon Lovitz

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  15. I wonder if this dude knows he's slowly becoming famous?

    Oh yes, in an ironic twist,

    Patch came walking in today with a tape she got in a box of tapes she bought at a garage sale.

    "The Last In Line"- Dio!


  16. Hey man I like Dio and Im seeng him on the 20th!
  17. I love the D, and found this pic on their website, thought it was appropriate for this thread:

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  18. "Fine, man. You go man. You walk away from your dreams. Or we could go in there like the Tenacious D I know and CHANGE ROCK HISTORY"

    "How 'bout the power to kill a yack... from two hundred yards away.......... WITH MIND BULLETS!!!"
  19. Rigagoo goo rigagoo goo

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