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    Hey, i've been around on the forums for about 6 years on the net, and have been doing alot of legalization work in Australia behind the scenes. So far the project has been going good, if there are any Aussies in here, you have me to thank for the new stuff you will see in your tobacconists after may 20th.

    I've been working on a little crusade and working more strategically, problem is here in Australia that all these so called movement members are a joke in Australia. Not naming names but if you want to know PM me. One guy is actually charging subscriptions and practically running a scam off stoners out of their own personal security.:eek:

    So I decided to team up a small operation(was quite risky involving meeting others off forums but went well), have it coinciding with the November elections in CA, in the US, and if everything works out well should see some change hitting down under in either 2011 or late 2010!

    Now, for those who do recognize me, want to clear up a few things,

    a) there are people who have fought my work here, and even claim to be the ones fighting for legalization, what I've seen is they have done nothing but make the laws harsher, and even ban bongs within states thanks to their work. One of the groups 'off ya tree', and it was their 'ice pipe' and 'cocaine kits' on special in NSW which really fucked all of us. To this date Off Ya Tree denies this and still claims to sell the worlds best bongs.:eek:
    And one person still claims that 'agung' is 100% Australian made knowing damn right it isnt.

    b) I've received alot of hatemail from dealers and growers off forums threatening to hack me and ruin my reputation and even job.

    c) Back in 2000 on a forum, it was hacked, members got raided, and there was no security on the site, notified the admins, patched it up, then my account was turned into a joke by posting under my name, ect for around 2 years without my knowledge and spread it all over the net.

    d) i'd like to call this place home and get all my new shit from here.:devious:

    Now, if you do recognize me, no stress pop me a message,

    If not, and your from downunder,

    I'm the 'dude' whos just arranged for the extinction of the metal, and rubber bong in Australia.:wave:
  2. Shame no Aussies posted, rightio then! ill just lay low then till someone asks me something.
  3. ah well I might as well write up my shopping list for here

    weedstar slit diffuser, 18.8
    weedstar carbon adaptor 18.8
    Weedstar 3 part ashcatcher with slit diffuser
    100 Brass Screens
    18.8 Glass gauze from Magic Glass, (sure I know its chinese but its GLASS)

    For about 90.07AUD Compared to EHLE 160AUD (FUCK THAT):eek:

    one thing I dont understand is the 10% discount on here? should think that it is automatically applied? whats the go? silly little marketing tool, but cant argue the price is good, and pisses all over EDIT.

    All up during the beginning I was going to go all EHLE, with a teardrop chamber, ect, but after extensive research and investigation, EHLE only manufacture selected items on their manufacturing site, pretty much blows up out of the water all of EDIT's EHLE range.

    Yes that means china manufactured for the mainstream models.

    This is even on their website, and it is clearly marked that selected items are only manufactured on their premises.

    As far as I remember EHLE outsourced alot of their products a while back with a reiliable chinese manufacturer,

    I completely understand what I have just said is heresy, truth hurts dont it?

    Well I might as well make this my little blog.

    Would really much prefer the hole diffusers rather than the slit ones, that I can understand would add weakness to the parts where the holes are causing breakage.

    But we all gotta start somewhere with bong pimpin.

    At the moment i've got a BlackLeaf GTI, best bong ive ever owned hands down, 4.2mm glass, tapered joints.

    For a while I wanted to get all SD14.4 parts, but after discovering that can create drag and harsher smoke I decided to look into 18.8.

    As far at the battle is going in terms of legalisation over here, well its going sweet,
    the new stuff just arrived in, keeps coming in boxes and boxes.:eek:

    but this stuff is just for people who want a good smoke, at a good price, I mean where else you going to pick up triple perc, 6 arms 5mm glass for about 90USD? you dont.

    Stuff isnt as flashy as other brands but as plans going ahead will knock the Australian Bong market sideways and enter us into the 21st century of bongs in the western world.:hello:

    note im not advertising, im just posting whats been happening, and not going to flood other topics with this talk. if you read here thats all good man.:smoke:

    word of caution if you an Aussie, avoid the Australian sites like this one, you dont even want to hear the end of it.

    Might as well do a little drug war chronicle as well for you all if you are interested in Australian Crime sagas. Note you can indeed cross reference this information for more detail from wikipedia and other news sources, note some information is not readily available if you live within Australia.

    PART 1)

    Once upon a time, the internet was a safe place, until about 2001, before sites like this were HTTPS, and you didnt have to worry about what you said. the AFP in AUS nabbed a large amount of information from two sites in particular, one site was given less attention.

    IP's were logged, HTTPS ment nothing as there are several protocols such as DNS which leaked private information leading to arrests and the banning of members and blacklisting them and the 'flame wars' began as a way of covering the forums in question's asses "what problem we arent aware of any problems" *RAID* this eventually resulted in the owner of one of the websites going to jail. recently released. (same guy scamming stoners for 100 bucks or so for supposedly a secure connection to the site which is bullshit so dont waste your money).

    We also had the Gang wars in the street going on, will go on much further about that one.

    Basically in Australian politics we have two things, crooks and politicians, but on a much deeper level than you might think *cough* "john so" *cough* "rocky" *cough mysterious deaths being called accidents which were orginised assasinations" *sneeze "carl williams" *fart* "john brumby stonewalling the investigation into his death"

    For the record Rocky was murdered, and didnt die from a 'motorbikie' accident, and was tied in with the bikies, they still hang around the Carlton North Restauraunt at night my girlfriend at the time also witnessed the disposing of a body from her apartment accross the road from the restauraunt on one occasion.

    Basically at the height of the 'underbelly' gangwar violence in VIC, there were 'political' issues circulating it at the time, barely anyone took notice of the fact that alot of the members who were involved had political ties to the ALP or the Australian labor party,

    This sounds absurd, until you hear the full extent (I actually learned alot of this from experience.)

    If you have ever heard of the painters and dockers union, and you know who they are,
    you know exactly what they were, and are still involved in.

    This story ties into the current political system, and even the bikie wars waging out on the street, in this case about 90% of the bikies are being used as pawns and a scapegoat for larger problems.

    In this case it has been established that bikies and unions are both involved in criminal activity, but what how, and why is all of this linked together?

    The Australian Communist Party, one of the senior leaders involved Gulia Gillard (or the white witch). Even in this topic I will cover how labor will be re-elected from trickery.

    Lets start with the gang war violence,

    System works like this, Unions move the major shipments to the middleman, and the bikies were used as pawns or couriers for a while, till they started to open up their own shops. Before the BZP and piperzine ban in NZ kicked in and as BZP and many piperzines were listed as cattle worming medicine, this left several wholesale companies in NZ to abuse the law and ship MASSIVE quantities to WA, NSW, SA, and VIC specifically and in excess of 1-10 tonnes. This is one example out of several instances which occured.

    The divide between the unions and the bikies is growing, originally the bikies would have qualified tradesmen from corrupt union members to set up operations.

    This has gone sideways now since there are now more Asian gangs operating in Australia with far more sophisticated means than the Unions systematically loosening their grip and a loss of black money. Asian Gang weed is generally rock hard, has no smell, and no triochromes, and is soaked in glucose syrup to add weight on occasions.
    this can cause respiritory infections.

    The Australian Communist Party,

    This was funded back in the 70s and such by the painters and dockers which mainly funnelled money into it from running Heroin into the Country, this was done 'specifically'
    by hollowing out shipping containers and stuffing the ripples full of smack, this was before X-ray machines were used on shipping containers.

    with each shipping container carring more than 10kgs of pure heroin, there was a major explosion of it on the street. And the Australian Communist party was getting alot of 'donations' under 10,000 which the identity of the donor was protected. (and its back again coincidence?)

    The Australian Communist party 'officially' disbanded a while after and members joined the ALP, what no one took notice of was the money eventually made its hands back into the Unions and practically destablized the Australian market from constant strikes, and other problems caused by the unions, they had almost total power over the government by using blackmail... political hell.

    Eventually the bikies were working with the unions for some time as there was no other means of getting around them, until the shit hit the fan, the emergence of a bikie group which worked with asian gangs overseas and not with the unions, (not going to name anything specifically in relation to gangs on this one).

    This 'nike' bikie group which made its presence known in Kings Cross was very different,
    this group retaliated against another group with the detonation of C4 at a rival Clubhouse which frankly scared the shit out of every other gang.

    The political implications were shocking.

    A Senior 'comanchero' member met with Kevin Rudd at Kirabilli house, as a 'groundskeeper', in the dead of night, no one knows what went on in the office,
    but he sure wasnt there to do the lawns. ASIO and other agencies were scrambling at the time to figure out what the hell was going on but had to let the member through by request of the prime minister.

    The Following day a senior Hells Angels member was murdered at an 'airport' in broad daylight.

    all information regarding the bikie who visited kirabilli house has been entirely removed from the internet and google under the anti-defamation-league of Australia from memory you can find this information at chillingeffects.org if you search for it specifically on google. Note this also could be risky to your own personal safety in future once 2011 comes, it is advised that you search it now if you wish, but do not do so after 2011.:wave:

    The Clubs soon realised that instead of killing each other off as the Unions would have eventually wanted, they formed a rival political force, to be specific a libertiarian group.

    Eventually there was a political fiasco, anti bikie laws, anti-terrorism laws, and finally internet censorship which will mean the death of our country indefinately.

    I do not endorse the bikies for what they do, but I do agree with their political views on protecting the individual.

    The Unions acted quite fast asking for the bikie clubs to be banned entirely, fortunately since the bikies can afford QC's there has been a real stalemate for the moment.

    A main problem which has surfaced was the conjunction of such laws being used with each other to prosecute an individual, and what it means for 2011 for all Australians who 'smoke'.

    Grasscity's website is on the Australian Blacklist, so is EDIT, and any other headshop website which sells cannabis seeds or has forums in relation to growing or smoking.
    This also means that almost all headshop websites will be banned.:(

    How and WTF does this have to do with anything especially you?

    Clearly to put it the laws allow room for Abuse with the Australian police, and makes prosecuting someone of a crime faster, easier, and even better, the defendant is not allowed to hear the evidence presented to them in court, and cannot make a case to protect themselves, and no evidence is required for a criminal prosecution or even a warrant.

    What does it have to do with the internet censorship?

    You go on a bong website, or a marijuana related website once the filter is in effect,
    kiss your ass goodbye and say helloo to prison and hello sodomy... they dont need evidence to seek out a warrant, and accessing foreign news websites could even land you in more trouble with accusations of terrorism being thrown on top for accessing aljazeera. (The internet censorship filter is fool proof, i've tried getting around it with tor, privoxy, and other means, no way in hell.)

    This is demonstrated by going on to Google News, you might click on a news link and get sent directly back to googles main page, this is a mindfuck if you really need to read something, your not going to, and the news quickly vanishes and cannot be found by 'any' australian for that matter.

    It is currently only operating on basic levels, by 2011 the shit hits the fan.

    So whats with the anti-terrorism laws?

    Basically the government has now for some time been looking for a way to label bikie groups/clubs as a terrorist orginization, meaning all members being arrested and thrown in prison for 10-25 years.

    This also includes the Vietnam Veterans and unknown to the Ulyssus club which is actually harmless and has no involvement, they have also been systematically targeted.

    So whats the deal?

    Basically the Australian Communist party never died, it resided inside the ALP for many years, eventually resurfacing amongst several senior union leaders which eventually became the front benchers for the ALP.

    What do they want?

    Same Government System as the Chinese... no rival political parties.

    How could this be done?

    Well you might have seen Kevin Rudd talking about abolishing state governments, and also forcing a new medical bill. In reality thats the death of the nation, at a Federal level the AUS gov has a really bad track record for this sort of thing, and peter garretts major blunder on the insulation scheme showed it. Imagine the joining off all police forces nationally and no state governments, let alone borders between states eventually.
    which in this case for how our demographics are set out it would pretty much destroy whats left of our economy.

    Whats the go with the medical bill?

    sum it right up for you, RFID, time to get paranoid.:confused:

    What is an RFID?

    Basically its like your drivers license, thrown in with your medical history, and all the information about you, this would indeed make the medical healthcare system far more simplistic.... but why have GPS? Why being able to test your blood for drugs without needles? and remotely? Why is there a need to track every individual and have them registered just like your pet if not worse?

    Going a bit off track here but thought it was a good point,

    Im not a fan of tony abbott, he also supports the internet censorship, but on also a worse, and just as deeper level.. (praying for joe hockey, met him when I was a little kid multiple times he worked in the same building as one of my parents).

    So Next time, you go and buy a pill, some powders, or your weed, think about where your money is going and what it really means for you at the end of the day in terms of having a government.:eek:

    Ever wondered why drugs are illegal? if they were legal the psychos wouldnt be in power.:eek:

    If Anyone reads this and wants to hear more i'd be glad to share.
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    thats a big read....

    Lets just focus on bongs and having fun :)

    Forgot Labor's trump card, Gillard is going to run for prime minister in the next election being the first female prime minister of Australia. this will occur when public support goes behind tony abbott and the crucifying of the ALP. Note the Liberal Party has been investigating such incidents as I have spoken about. And as far as I saw the little car accident with Tony Abbott wasnt an accident.
    Fortunately he lived.

    If that happens im going to get myself a tan, learn arabic, and dye my hair, have 5,000 in the bank and immigrate to Canada and call myself Akmed as a refugee.
  5. damn that's a lot of text. i'll be honest, i couldn't read it all. i got pretty far but then my eyes started hurting, haha.


    welcome to the city. and best of luck with everything.

  6. not a problem dude, you made an effort at least all good man!:hello:
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    Got a molino Diffuser from EDIT but going to shop with grasscity in future as the postage is less and the price is lower, probably the customer service is better too!.

    Considering going for a gold membership.

    have to say what the fuck is the fuss about with molino?

    its GLASS, you drop it, it will break.

    Its good Quality, and at first I was pissed about it being an open ended diff, but it fits perfectly and does the job perfectly... looks awsome too.

    Im considering just getting the Octopus now, 14.5 and the weedstar carbon, and ill be set, I've got a massive cone which is good quality, and out of all honesty.

    Blackleaf GTI's are awsome, and affordable.. Dunno how they compare to weedstar, but if weedstar is cheaper, i'd be a little more cautious in regards to bubbles or flaws in the glass.

    knocked my GTI over on tiles, didnt break, so far its the best billy ive ever owned.

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