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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DarkMatter36, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Hey, I'm new here.... Well, Sorta... I'm a very good friend of TheHempress's on here, and I've been watching her read and write posts for some time now... I finally wanted to post enough to make a name and account on here, So here I am! Umm.. About me, there's not too much to know... :) I'm a big pot head... I love smoking. I'm active in protesting the war and other stuff... Not sure what else. Just... Thanks for having me here and I hope to post and read more often.
  2. Welcome to the city.. A friend of the hepress is a friend of mine!
  3. HOLY CRAP IT'S MY BUDDY NIC!!!!! Hey man, I'll see you in like half an hour :D

  4. haha yea man, sometime in the summer me u n hempress gotta get together n cheify :D
  5. Welcome to the City, DarkMatter!

    Hempress, you lured your partner in crime to the City...good job, girl!!!
  6. Hempy! You now qualify for our Tell a Friend Club!

    Whatever that is.

    Welcome to the city! Darky? That don't sound too good!

    How about Matty?
  7. whats up bro, welcome to the city...thanks....peaces....MrSbb

  8. Do I really? ::jumps for joy::
  9. Good job, Hempress! lol. Sorry you were left out of the smoking today!

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