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  1. Whats up? My name is Ethan. I just turned 18 on April 26th and I live outside Pittsburgh PA. I joined the grasscity forum to talk to other people that smoked that nice lil plant I have grown to love. I have been smoking for around 4 months now. Its not something I do everyday, but its something I love to do on the weekends (basically because I still live with my parents, so I take precations). Its relaxing, and makes me feel good. Plus its not harmfull at all aslong as your not driving.

    I use to think that smoking Cannabis was bad because of how society made it sound. I thought it was as dangerous as acid or pcp. Then I became friends with a few people who smoked, I watched them smoke, and I was like this seems pretty cool. So I tried it and I love it. It kinda freaked me out alil bit when I get bad highs on headies but I'm getting use to it. I still prefer middies at the moment.

    Definitly hope cannabis gets legalized soon. I plan on doing everything possible to make cannabis legalized and getting rid of the horrible reputation that cannabis gets. It has been ruining peoples lives ever since it became illegal. Luckily in PA, the only thing you get for having 30 grams or less of weed is a $300 fine, but I think it still goes on your record. :eek: Still, that doesent stop me from smoking.

    I will be going for a job here soon at Denny's as a cook and I'm hoping there is no drug test because I really need money right now. I havent smoked in like 2 and a half weeks so I think I will be fine, but once I know I dont have to worry about drug testing, me and my best friend are buying the finest weed around PA and smoking that shit up. Luckily I dont think Denny's drug tests anyways, but its better to be safe then sorry, because i really need this job.

    I hope this introduction isnt too long, but I just kinda wanted you guys to know what got me to start smoking, and my current situation right now. I hope to learn more things about cannabis on this very nice forum. :D

    Light - Smoke - Pass. :smoke:
  2. Welcome to the city man! :wave:

    Hope you enjoy your time spent here.

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