hey look what i found

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by three_x, May 2, 2004.

  1. :)

    this is a clone that went straight to flowering after rooting, that's why it's so small... just a lil experimentation...

    oh yea... i forgot to mention that this was from my first female that i donated to my friend:)

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  2. and this is the bushiest ive ever had so far

    this pic was taken right after the second time topping it... just trying to experiement and see hw many times i can top a plant... lol.....

    by the way, it's also my first time topping

    it's about 4 weeks old or something

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  3. any comments? questions? feel free
  4. So that little clone is autoflowering you say? What is it a cutting from, just like some bagseed or mail order seeds? (The real question is, you didn't get lowryder to root did you?) Or could it possibly be from that topped plant?

    What kind of lighting are you using?

    Good luck.

  5. clone was taken from a flowering female on its 3rd day of flowering... and as soon as it rooted i put it in the 12/12 cycle... it's from bagseed

    the topped plant is different from the clone

    im using cf's... mixture of warm white and cool whites...

  6. so no questions eh?
  7. how old is the clone?
  8. couple weeks? maybe 3
  9. nice to know that this happened to some1 else before... this is my first... like i said before.. i guess the clones were taken too late into the cycle already... doh!

    but right now... it's currently getting 24/7 light right now.... it's still flowering... i think i'm just gonna let this one keep on going... see what happens... i've never done this before... and theres nothing like good ol' experimentation..... but as soon as my little ones get mature, im switching to 12/12.... thing should work themselves out :)

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