Hey Joe!

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  1. Listening to Hendrix while freshly baked and trying to gather a meaning for this song.

    Abviously its a man who kills his wife for cheating than tries to flea the law by heading to mexico.

    But there has to be a deeper meaning..what could it be?

    Or maybe im wrong and its based on an actual event?
  2. lol... i clicked on this because i was humming hey jude in my head! lol @ me the doofus!
  3. its just like some bluues man. he's singing bout his woman. damn women. they can be good, but theyre mostly poopheads. oh, and for those who dont know, its by a guy named billy roberts

    dood... look at what i just found: http://www.heyjoe.org/lyrics.html
  4. heh..thanks for the info pal
  5. yeah, i was bored so i searched for hey joe and up popped that shit.

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