Hey, Is There A Way To Tell If HVY Is Real?

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  2. definatly looks like a HVY to me. there is no real joint on it, its more of a reinforced hole, which, to my knowledge, one of the signature thing HVY does with some of its bongs.

    i personally like it alot. less chance of breakage.
  3. Looks legit to me. They have beakers just like that for 40.
  4. That's around what I spent on it. 40$
  5. man that is one tight Hvy beaker..looks like you caught a soul inside of your bong. :)
  6. So I'm guessing HVY is a good brand :p
    The head shop I go to has about 500 of them along with a few JBD bongs from the guy himself.

    I'ma do some close ups of the family soon, but I would like to get my ash-catcher and SharpStone first.
  7. HVY doesn't have a following of fakers like ROOR. If it's got a HVY stamp on the glass it's the real deal.

    I doubt those JBD's are real JBD's. Do you know what I mean? If you do... maybe they are real.
  8. yeah thats a legit hvy mini beaker.

    nice tubes for the price.
  9. Looks legit. I got the same tube just mines not fumed. Really nice smoke.

    PROTIP- Try it with HOT tap water ;) You'll be pleasantly surprised
  10. Been using hot water and ice ever since I found out it was Pyrex.
    Love the steam effect.

    Check it out seriously though!
    I have a milk shot now :)
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