hey im new to this

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  1. hey everyone im new to this this is my sixth grow and the previous 5 have been failures but ive set up a good closet grow this time im usen 3 120 wat cfls and 1 100 watt and my plant is lovin it ive just started 12/12 this is where i failed previously my plants never flowered i dont no wot the seeds are but i used em from really good shit i had .my soil ph is 7 should i kp it at seven i have read alot of stuff ova d last yr or more but would luv som imput on ferts i have mircale gro slow release rose food but dunno if i should use it ????and also will my cfls flower my plant as its all i can afford at this time i will post pics soon
  2. Welcome to GC :wave::smoke:

    Check out the indoor grow forum, you can get expert answers there:D
  3. welcome!!!! (and watch out for that guy^ he hangs out by the door at walmart!:eek:);):smoke:

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