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Hey i'm new and need some help.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hithewidow, May 13, 2010.

  1. This Friday will be the first time I have ever smoked weed, I'm around it often so I know how to inhale and such. We have a metal joint pipe thing (sorry no clue what it's called). Well we will be getting high around 5 o'clock do you think I will be ok to go home at 9 o'clock without my parent's noticing. Also could you give me some suggestions?
  2. you should be fine. there have been speculations that most people dont get high there first time. but could be wrong. i belive you are refering to a 1 hitter..
  3. You will be fine. However, i've heard that for some people will not get high the first time. I did so good luck to you.
  4. That's called a dugout for future reference. I think you'll be perfectly fine, maybe tired but that's all. I know you said you know how to inhale but I'm going to tell you anyways just to double check; Take your hit (small or big, it doesn't matter), but leave room in your lungs to then immediately inhale oxygen to push the smoke into your lungs and also ease the harshness of the hit.
  5. With four hours to spare, you should be fine. Make sure you don't smell like it though. Most people don't get high their first time but if you do, don't be overwhelmed, keep calm, and act cool. Your heart may be beating very fast, this is normal and you are fine. When you go home just act normal and talk with your parents however you usually would. They have no reason to suspect you were smoking if you don't smell like it, so why would they be suspicious? Any paranoia you feel is without reason, just remind yourself of that. Have a great time, and good luck getting high. First is always the strongest, and most memorable. :)

  6. bring gum and a bottled drink.
  7. You'll be fine just dont be a heatbag.

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