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  1. is there anyway to tell if your plant is female or male without putting it into flowering because i heared on the internet that if the plant is growing faster it is male and if its growing slower its female does anyone know anything about this if so can you please tell me ?

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  2. yes, males grow faster than females, but obviously you can't rely on that.
    There are a number of factors to consider.
    Imagin if the male was over watered, allowing more oxygen to the female roots, the female will grow faster.
    If the female got more light than the male, the female will grow faster.
    If temperatures were high, both plants will stretch (eeny meeny miney mo).
    Males need to grow faster, as to release the pollin in time to pollinate the female.
    To pull a plant for growing faster than the others would be down right madness.
    If you do a search, you will find a few techniques to find out the sex before putting the actual plant into flower (other than buying feminized seeds), ie. thru cloning or putting a branch in total darkness for 12/12.

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