hey i have a question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cinder1994, May 20, 2010.

  1. should i be concerend i just had a county sheirff go down my driveway 3 times and just turn around what does this mean should i get rid of my plant?
  2. Driveway or street?
  3. The sheriff is not concerned whether you have a plant, I assure you.

  4. my driveway and all he did was turn around but there were two more vehciles driving down here also i live in the middle of the country out in the middle of nowhere
  5. He won't come to your door unless you give him reason to.

    Is your plant reeking yet?

    Relax and be cool. If you have odor or security issues, deal with it and remain stealthy.
  6. no its still in veg
  7. I get paranoid like that too sometimes. I saw a county mountie roll past my house a couple weeks ago and I about shat myself. I live several miles out in a quiet area, too.

    4th amendment guarantees against unlawful searches and seizures. If you don't give 'em cause to come around then they won't. Also, in the event a cop does roll up on you, talk through the door. You don't have to open up for anyone unless they have a warrant.

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