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Hey Hookah and weed question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BudBrother, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, so I smoke the hookah often but rarely smoke weed. Thats changing soon because I have 2 beautiful plants about 6 weeks old, so I'll soon have plenty of weed. I am considering buying my own hookah to smoke both shisha and weed out of. If the hookah isn't fun smoking weed out of I'd rather buy a bong. So people who have smoked weed out of a hookah let me know how you feel. Thanks.
  2. I have a hookah that I smoke sheesha mixed with weed all the time. It's a very good high, I like it. The weed compliments the sheesha really well. It gves you more of an energizing high instead of a drowzy one. I like Citris Mint mixed with weed and if I wanna get really crazy I will put orange juice in the base instead of adds flavor :)
  3. It really depends if and when u smoke with ur freinds, Me and all my freinds have hookahs. They are great for big hits, but its more of a laid back sit around smoke weed thing, everyone gets a house throughs down type of thing, a bong is good for if ur chilling with a small group of guys. thats my opinion, ive only owned hookahs not bongs idk why
  4. hookahs are cool for smoking weed,

    good for lounging around blowing smoke rings
  5. I also heard that getting high from the hookah takes a lot more weed than pipes or bongs. Is this true?
  6. #6 das müffin mann, Aug 27, 2008
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    ya it does but i find it to be worth it (especially if you got 4 or more people, you can really smoke through it pretty quick) me and about 4 friends can burn through a quad in no time at all, but it does get you pretty ripped

    it doesn't take more to get high it just uses more weed

    do you kinda get what im saying?
  7. that would make sense since the bowl in a hookah is bigger than the bowls in most pipes and bongs.
  8. at first i used to mix weed and shisha... but it took too much weed. so instead, i put some weed in the bowl, and smoke just that, without a charcoal; just lighting the weed as if the hookah were a bong. that gets me super stoned, and then i pack in some shisha and smoke the hookah traditionally... and by that time i am epically stoned to the point where i can't even walk up the stairs.
  9. personally, id just buy a bong and a hookah. hookahs with weed arent that great, but they are fun every once in a while. id rather be passing the bong around while also hitting the hookah. plus, you can hit the hookah through the bong (its a cool trick, makes the smoke soo smooth if ice is in the bong)
  10. Haha NFloyd thats what I was planning on doing was just hitting weed than shisha. Does it take a lot of weed to get you ripped doing that way?
  11. We sell Hookahs all the time to smoke shops, but my opinion is you burn far too much. But if you got it like that more pwer to ya.:D

  12. same here. high five
  13. I have a hookah and I liked smoking weed out of it. I dont even smoke tobacco. It can use up a lot of weed tho.
  14. get some fresh flavour (i like cherry and mint for example. and pomegranate for sure.. and mango is cool. some people like chocolate too hmm green apple is nice with weed for sure) dont grind your weed too well, and mix the two really well. i had some amazing sessions with shisha and weed, both separately and together
  15. I smoke hookah all the time, but I dislike smoking weed out of it.
    The main annoyance is how wasteful it is, the handful of times i've done it we could only get about half the greens to burn, and I smoke expensive weed (60/e).
    Also, its pretty damn harsh compared to shisha alone, and I like hookahs specifically because its a smooth smoke.
    And pipes and bongs work so much better.

    I pack a hookah bowl, hit the bong, and smoke the hookah. Works for me.

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