Hey, Hey, Hey.....Smoke week everyday

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  1. Whats up everyone, Making my first post on the forums. A little bit about myself, Im 18 live in New Jersey (Hunterdon County) and just love straight chilling = ). Ive been smoking for a few years now and can say its possibly one of the greatest things ever (besides bitches and skiing). I really only do 2 real sports, skiing (Newschoolers represent) and mountain biking.
    My peice line-up goes like this,
    Thor -a 3ft A.M.G bong with 5 percs(My pride and joy),
    Amber - a 5inch chillum
    Nautilis - a bigass spoon with a 1.5 bowl pack
    Bucknasty - My dads old tabacoo pipe

    I'll post pictures of all of them when i get a chance. Oh and my favorite strain is any Kush, i just can't get enough of the kush taste

    Well peace out, ill be seeing you on the forums
  2. welcome fellow nj toker......:)
  3. Thanks:wave: where you live at?
  4. 3ft with 5 percs? how would you milk that? ;)
  5. You smoke week everyday?? I personally prefer smoking weed everyday.

    Haha, just messing with you. Welcome to the forums :)
  6. haha oh wow. Thanks tho = )

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