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hey hey hey...got my interweb fixed:D

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by namron_420s, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. ill be around again..

    got a big career thing comin up day after tomorrow
    big test

    also good news on the girlfriend front
    ive got one
    a redhead:D
    and she squirts

    only the best for the pastor of beaverlick church

    and she cooks some hella grub too:D:D
  2. l,ve been wondering were ya where :D

    Great to see ya made it back[​IMG] [​IMG]

  3. hmmmmmmmm..... no dirty thoughts, no dirty thoughts lol :D :D :D

    good to cya ya around!
  4. Good for you! :D
  5. Glad that you're back! And the woman sounds like a keeper, LOL. :D
  6. Its good to see my little razorback back. I kept thinking about you during "the Simple Life" TV show.

    And I also agree that it sounds like you have a keeper in your new lady friend.
  7. Welcome back, Norm!

    LOL, she squirts.
  8. you gotta love redheads, especially if they cook :p
  9. AHh!! Red heads are nuts!!! In my experience atleast.... hahah. keep your eye on that one ;)

    anyways welcome back bud!!

    Lets smoke some chron! Pack the excalibong up ;)
  10. And the peasants rejoiced!!!
  11. yo ho ho

    i gotts me eye patch on mattie...

    dont let that wild one blind ya ...ya bassssturd

    nice to smell you arround
  12. its nice to be smelt again...i think

    i got carolina over the pats in the super bowl by a field goal....any takers?

    shes actually the most sane girl ive ever dated

    *starts removing snorkeling gear*

    i had another good night tonight
    body/truck rocking sex....mindblowing..

    why havent i had a redhead before?

    ok, now im done being a braggart
    whats been hoppin in our sweet little Oz?

  13. yay.
  14. whats been up........ wellllll

    digit made a lil comback, which was much welcomed by the city ;)

    alot of people seem to be smoking alot of good weed, hooray!

    and some namron guy came by saying his internet was up and running again, whats up with that?
  15. yo man:) I been busy lately myself :(

    Nice on the redhead...redheads are always good..specially squirters o_O

    and isn't every girl more sane than your last? wasn't she a necrophiliac? hehe

  16. I say Pats over Panthers by 10 points ;)
  17. werent the rams and the jets supposed to beat the panthers too?
  18. hmmm, true...(side note: JETS RULE!) but I jus don't see the fairy tale type of luck for the panthers takin em all the way. I think the Patriots defense will shut em down
  19. yes. everyone was suppose to!
  20. i meant eagles, by the way.

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