hey hey george bush died today!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by johnnytoobad, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. nah he didnt.
    anyways props out to seedsdirect. ordered on the 10th recieved on the 26th. 10 pack blue misty, 10 pack shiva, and whats "whos Y' Daddy". they sent me an extra 10 with that name. what is it? anyone heard of it?
    so moved my grow out of closet not nearly enough room. ive read you devide the growing space by watts of all lighting and that gives you wattage per sq/ft. a plant needs aprox 3000 lumens correct whats that in watts?
    last question is a legal question.

    Whats probrable cause for the police in the usa. can the pigs come in your house with a warrant by word of mouth? cause joe snitch says "oh yeah sgt. stadanko, peter pot seeds got a bunch of plants in his fridge"
    and then the sarge says "have you seen them?" and joe snitch says "no but i heard he was"
    is that enough to get you busted?
    ty guys happy growing
  2. ther seed plants got polinated by a unknown plant, they cant sell the seeds so they give them away.

    its 50wpsf or 3000lupsf as a guide
    if you know the lumin rating of the lights your gonna use its a better way to judge things.

    dont tell joe snitch a dam thing.

  3. It may be against my religion to wish harm upon people, but damnit, sometimes it's justified. I agree with you, HG. I think we should bring Clinton back.. Hey, sure, he had a lil fun in office, but at least he didn't start any damn wars...


  4. No he just did bombing raids. But i get what your trying to say and i agree.
  5. Clinton admitted to Brunin' one every now and then too

  6. True, although he himself named our air/land strikes as a "War on Terror."

    That seems sufficient enough to me for it to be labeled as a war. If the biggest asshole in the nation can call it a war, so can I.

  7. Forgive them, Uncle...for they know not what they say...

  8. u and the rest of the nation hun.... the whole damn nation :D
  9. I totally agree. I'm going to start reading my "I hate republicans reader" anyday now. It was a birthday gift and it looks like a great book.......

    But here's what really eats me about the system that we live in. We live in a representative democracy. Which means we vote for somebody and that person voices his opinion to "the powers that be" on issues. The only control we have over the persons opinion is our vote, if we don't agree then don't vote for him right, because in our opinion that's not what we believe...... So because I'm a felon I can't ever register to vote or be on a jury. They take away your opinion and your abilitity to make change. Totally freaking unfair. Sorry just my 2 cents.
  10. Ive been laughing as the city replys to the george bush comment! A good laugh like laughing at a family member you love! (not intended as hippie bullsh@#)
    Yeah man the whole felony deal blows!!! Trust Me I cant vote either!
  11. what is wrong with hippy bull*^%@?
  12. Theres nothin wrong with hippies im just bumming and cuttin myself short for not growing a good plant?
  13. my brother got raided over a high times book in his van they took 21 plant took him in on other charges and never brought chrages up on the weed ,,,,,,,they can search and take your shit for no reason and worry about pc later
  14. That's fine but the point is is that history will prove that you're wrong! All it means is that you're wrong. It's not a capital crime or anything. You're just plain WRONG! LOL!
  15. Clinton was lucky... he got head... and he was stuck between two bush's he wishes he could chew out ;)

    Odd how the cheating husband lowered our national debt because he wanted head and not war :D

  16. and don't forget the biggest tax increase in history. As if that much of my paycheck belongs to the government. Bah, humbug.
  17. just count yourselves lucky you aint stuck with tony blair.

    what a w@nker that muppet is.

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