hey has anyone tried water curing

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by kronic420smoke, May 15, 2010.

  1. has anyone tried water curing like your trimmings (the leaves) b4 u smoke em so that the taste isnt so nasty?? i heard water curing takes out all the nasty nutes an stuff left over ...i jus trimmed up my girl last night and dried out the leaves an im about to try it for like 2 days an c if it did anything....any comments?? has anyone tried?
  2. Ya but the smoke tastes like noting. Well depending on how many flushes you do. Usually around 7 does the trick. Great for stealth smoke or cooking. The less times you flush the more it will taste and smell like MJ.
  3. yea i did it i only let it cure for like a day and flushed 3 times wasnt bad i got pretty high it still had a lil taste i was pretty satisfied with how high jus leaves can get u.. thanks man thot i was the only one to try this idea :smoking:
  4. Smoking leaves is for bums ;) Buy some bubble bags, make some hash and get baking.
  5. how would i make hash from leaves??

  6. Use bubble bags, or BHO.
  7. Sorry.. I was half kidding but like said above you need to buy a set of bubble bags. Thought everyone knew about these things but I also grew up with a friend whos Dad grew a LOT and gave us his trimmings.. Making bubble was a hobby of ours ;)

    Bags, bucket, water and ice, a mixer and a little muscle then you're in business.

    Takes a little extra work but you can take all your relatively worthless trimmings and turn them into top quality hash for smoking or cooking or whatever else you can dream up.
  8. Bubble bags get expensive quick. There's a sticky or 2 floating around the city about using different methods to make hash.
  9. personally i find leaf to have no value. i always give mine away. although i have made butane hash oil with them before, but i thought that shit sucked. i have sort of water cured dried commercial buds when i was younger. it was years ago so i cant exactly remember but it was something like i put a half gram of weed chunks in a bottle of water and shook it. the water turned green and i drained it and added new water to absorb more of the water soluble chemicals. eventually i let it dry out and smoked it. tasted even harsher to me. i was just experimenting though. i think for the water cure you do it with fresh cut buds tho.

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