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    You've been in a relationship for over two years. The sex is great, far from boring and tons of variety, but as much variety as there is, you've done it all before at some point. One day your girl decides to surprise you with something really hot to change things up a bit, and that is...

    Alright guys, now finish the sentence. I'm far from bored with my sex life but I wanna surprise my boyfriend with something really good soon, making his pleasure the focal point. This sounds like a "What's your fantasy?" thread, which there are a ton of, but it's more that I want to know what the average guy would love to be realistically surprised with because if I ask my boyfriend, it's not a surprise anymore!

    As for me, I'm down for almost anything, I'm not into pain or threesomes and those are about my only limitations. I'm looking for anything, big or small, even if it's just a simple technique that would drive ya craaazy. It also doesn't have to be sex... if it's more oral-oriented that's fine too :D

    [Also, my boyfriend has a GC account and rarely checks it, but in case he happens to stumble upon this thread, I won't be publicly saying whose posts I'll try out! However you will be privately notified if you influence my sex life at all. :cool:]

    EDIT: And OF COURSE ladies are welcomed to post their ideas/experiences!
  2. He comes home and your sitting at the table in a skimpy schoolgirl outfit and tell him you got caught masturbating at school and are in detention and ready to accept your punishment. Call him Mr. Lastname and don't give him a chance to break character. Have a meterstick at hand for spanking and maybe demonstrate your earlier transgression so he knows exactly the crime you committed.

    Of course, he has to be the type of guy who enjoys/is able to take part in a little role play. Me and my girlfriend acted this out recently (but in a classroom at our university) and it was a whole lot of fun. We also are planning on doing a doctor/patient one next time we see each other. I have scrubs and latex gloves from work and she has an enema kit (not my thing but she loves it). We can't decide who's going to be the patient and doctor yet (we both want to be the patient).
  3. Nothing would surprise him more than having him walk in on you and a big black guy goin' at it.
  4. Tie him up for real, so he can't get off the bed. Use real handcuffs. Give him a handjob until he's about to come, then stop. Go do something else for an 20 minutes. Come back and do the same, but with a blowjob. Then go away again. Repeat at least a few times. Then climb on top of him and do it REALLY slowly until he pops.
  5. personally id be pissed if you left me after that for 20 minutes...

    i might be tied up but i could correctly time a swift knee to your forehead if you left my butt ass self hancuffed in a room alone for 20 damn minutes lol

    maybe jus try messing around in random places that he wouldnt expect..?

    like random road head or somthin
  6. i've always wanted to wake up to a bj. do you talk dirty with him at all?

    my gf and i tried that out last night, it was much better than i expected.
  7. sneak up on him naked and force him to the nearest flat plane!

    watch out for elbows
  8. Being married has made my life boring, I wouldn't know what to tell ya anymore.Mental note. Speek to the warden about sex life. We took our freedom for granted before the kids, jobs, stress.

    It sounds like your a wonderful women with a great imagination use it to your advantage.
  9. If you are adventurous then perhaps make a video of you masterbating like you never have before (of course he has to like watching you play with yourself). A little tweak on this one could be using an ice dick (taught this one to Nina Hartley years ago, take a condom and fill with water, tie off and put in freezer), play with as you would with a dildo. You can get a good five minutes before it will melt too much.

    Then surprise him with this video while you give him a blow job complete with tongue curls and swirling your hand with lots of lub so it just slides around. Swallow and keep going.

    Of course most guys will want anal and that is not something someone is always willing to give so that might be a nice treat for him as well.

    I know you said you would not do threesomes but maybe for this one that might be just what would work best and would be very much a surprise. Just so you know, you could do a threesome with no girl/girl action.

    Have fun you two! You are a good girlfriend. :D
  10. Then take this as a sign to get your groove on again. :D We have been married for 23 years now and still there is no boredom here. Maybe it is time to bring some excitement in. Valentines is coming up!
  11. Hey if i give you my GF's number you wanna call her and tell her about this :p?
  12. Go to victoria's secret and get the sexiest thing you can find. Once he gets home for the surprise tell him that you are his servant (sexually) for a night. Tell him your two limitations and make sure you tell him everything else is ok to do. Then let him decide. If I had a sex slave for a night it would be the greatest thing ever so I know he will like it.

  13. Fucking buzzkill jesus crhsit
  14. You guys are coming up with some great stuff. Keep em coming :hello:

    This is waaaay disturbing!
    No problem! She might not be too happy about it, but... I could try :p
  15. One of my more memorable girlfriends use to accost me at the front door when heading out to work, or when returning home, and proceed to give me the best blow jobs ever. I miss that bitch!

    If you man comes home at a regular time, I suggest you get naked on the floor, face down, ass up, and be playing with toys in the living room, so when he walks in from work, Demand that he fuck you in the ass...et cetera...
  16. give him a rimjob and make him fuck you in the ass...................and bust his load in there.

    Also while he is fucking your ass tell him to stick it in your mouth, then back in your ass.
  17. Welllll then, you seem to have found a third boundary I won't cross :p
  18. what about a rimjob and anal?

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