Hey guys

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by leftyguitarjoe, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I recently made a little order from grass city, so I decided I'd join and see whats up.

    I've been smoking weed for 3 years, but only heavily for the past 4 months or so. And by god, its been the greatest 4 months of my life. I'm happier and stress free.

    I play guitar. I have been for around 7 years. I like 7 strings the best. I also play a huge 12 string thing that resembles a Chapman stick.

    I make alot of music. Most of it metal, but I have a soft spot for real chill progressive rock and stuff.

    Yep. Thats me.:wave:
  2. Welcome to the city!
  3. hey whats up good to see another musician here i got my own recording studio...(not bad stuff pretty high tech) but i make rap beats and stuff like that.

    welcome to GC

    happy tokin
  4. welcome to gc buddy, hope you enjoy :)

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