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What kind of foot-wear do you prefer?

  1. Socks(no shoes at all)

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  2. Boots

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  3. Sneakers

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  4. Sandals or Flip-Flops

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  5. High Heels

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  6. Barefeet!

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  7. Other

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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I disappeared for a bit...

    I hit a bit of a rocky road... Got kicked out of my mom's house and was living on the streets for a few days... Finally got myself in a decent home and settled in. (In other words, I'm living with my girlfriend now.. hehe.)

    I'm glad to be back! :)

    By the way RMJL, who the heck was AK47Stein? lol... He mustv'e joined and "left" before I even returned!

    And hell... I might as well throw a poll in here too since I've never made one before... :)

    What kind of footwear do you prefer?
  2. welcome back drkmatta

    sneakers. or trainers as they r called over here. comfort and versatility. I no longer go for the big name brands tho. I used to be a Nike kid. long have those days past.
  3. i voted bare feet, that is the way to go in my oppinion, short of thagt it would be sandals.
  4. I voted boots... Because that's what I usually like to wear... But when the summer comes out, I usually wear sandals... It's good to let your feet get fresh air. Barefeet are good too... But I often step on stupid shit when I go that way... :p
  5. well, It all depends where I am, if I am out on a date or at a party or a club, I usually wear high heels, or if I am at school I were sandals, or skater shoes! or if I am at home I just walk around in my socks! so i picked socks, cus its the most comfortable!
  6. i picked sneakers. size 12 vans geoff rowley. It seems like the best shoes i've had have always been vans;)
  7. Come on guys! Vote on my poll! :)
  8. OK OK!!! I just voted!!!

    Glad you're back! AK was just somebody...he was actually pretty cool when he wanted to be.

    Ok...well, I voted barefeet, but depending on the occasion, it might be sandels, high heels, sneakers, or socks. Or sneakers and socks!!!!! :D

    Hey...do another poll!!! You're pretty good at it!!!!
  9. sneakers for me in the summer i like to run.but i have to where boots where i work and the worst is there steel toe escpecialy in winter its so cold on your toe's :)and socks when im in the house i hate the feeling off my bare feet walkin on a cold floor

    charlie067 :)
  10. socks, one black, one white
  11. i have a pair of brown boat shoes (at least thats what everyone else call them and i don't have a boat) that i wear all the time. they are really durable and i expect them to last at least another 2 or 3 years.
  12. barefeet, good to have ya back and not on the streets, nasty stuff.
  13. I used to always go barefooted when I was little, but then I moved to Texas and we had this dry, mostly dead, grass that was painful to walk on so I started wearing shoes and my feet aren't tough anymore. Now, I wear running shoes all the time. I found out how comfortable they are when I started running cross country in high school. I keep them on most of the time because I get cold easy and they help keep my feet warm which helps keep the rest of my body warm. Sometimes my feet just start to hurt from wearing shoes for too long so I kick them off and enjoy the socks only feeling. When I go fishing on the boat, I end up barefooted again. Anyways, I voted sneakers.

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