Hey Guys it's Kronic from Canada

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  1. Hey whats up everyone, my name is josh but you can call me Kronic. I'm a fellow smoker from Ontario and I'm here to have some fun, meet some good people and have some good conversations. Be seein you guys soon
  2. Hello, Kronic, and welcome to the web's greatest weed forum. :gc_rocks:
    You say you're looking for fun, and cool people? Well, you couldn't have picked a finer forum. GC is full of wonderful, cool people who all share that love for maryjane. So flick dat bic, and puff dat pipe, and jump on into the discussions. We have a board for just about everything here. Enjoy! :smoke:
  3. Hi kronic, you can call me blueberry skunk crossed with purple kush.

    Im from Ireland. I go to college coz im smart. I also smoke lots of weed and shit like that. Anything i can get my hands on, if you know wat i mean.

    Is that shit u smoke legal in canada? or r u paying scumbags to get it for u?

    How long have u been smoking tat shit? r u addicted to it yet? :) :) :)

    Your friend :) :) :) xxxx

  4. wtf is wrong with you scot. weed is not addicting, unless mentally by a person that is retarded. and medically for those in need. and anything you can get your hands on? dude this site is not for you
  5. Canada!!!!!!

  6. I wouldent smoke anything i could get my hands on its probly not the best idea,
    Been smokin probly around 5 years now and no the shits not legal where im at but you gotta do what you gotta do. I dont get scumbags to get it for me either i get it off a friend who grows it. And dont really think you can get addicted to pot, i could see maybe gettingted to addicted to the habbit thats about it
  7. sorry that was my girlfriend taking the piss......peace!
  8. Its all good
  9. wootwoot! Ontario rocks! Enjoy the site dude, you in northern or southern ont?

    Whatcha close to?

  10. Ya its pretty nice up here, moved here from New Brunswick in the winter. Brampton, it sucks buck you gotta do what you gotta do
  11. I hope with all my heart that you enjoy this site. This site is for outcasts of society like me and you. Together we join as one. Spread the word my sweet friend kronic.

    What is your favourite food? i like bacon and cabbage coz im irish. What do you eat?

    your friend.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. LIAR:devious:
  13. Im not a liar i just state my opinions. How can you call me a lir anyway? No offence or anything but do you got a problem with me or somethingn.
  14. no man my girlfriend keeps logging on, sorry dude.
  15. wuzzup welcome to the community josh :yay:

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