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Hey guys, how long will bud show up in a drug test?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DevilRed, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Might be going in and have a drug test. I guess a swab of my mouth inside.

    I don't smoke much at all, only a few times a year, last being 6-7 weeks ago i smoked.

    Am I good to go?
  2. yeah you should be good. why you getting tested anyhow?
  3. really only a few times a year? i though u grew n shit devilred?
    but ya u should be a ok!
  4. Depends on what type of test it is...

    I don't know how accurate saliva is, and I couldn't possibly think of a way to trick that kind of test. Hair tests tell the tester possibly frightening things...they can test how much you used in the past few months, and even find out how often...Piss tests are the most common because they are cheapest, but not the most reliable because theres so many ways to trick them or detox before they can catch it...however the alternates do arise from time to time.
  5. I do growing but its more of a hobby and supply for friends.
  6. ^^^
    i wish u were my friend :)
  7. fuck yeah, thats how i want to be (apart from smoking all the time). before i got into al lthis other stuff i need money to buy, i only EVER sold weed to hook my friends up. im going to become a grower this spring or so, its gonna be great!
    anyways about the topic... salivia (did i spell that right???) tests and especially hair are pretty accurate, at least more acurate compared to a pee test. but im sure if you search throughout the internet and so on, you might find a way to cheat the salivia one, but unless you plan on burning off all the hair on your body if they decide to do that then your kinda fucked bud!
    but what is the piss test for? cause shit like physicals and stuff never go past the pee test.
  8. Well last time i used, was actually a bud cookie I consumed about 6 to 7 weeks back. Other than that ive only smoked, christ 2, maybe 3 times lightly all year.

    This is for a job application process.

    But yea the bud plant amazes me. Different strains, flavors and all that great stuff. I really like to grow it and watch it grow. I wish it wasn't illegal, but i guess that would take half the fun away.

    I do supply my friends, but i don't give them handouts. Granted they do get it for 1/2 of what anyone else is selling shit weed for, and they get top of the line sticky icky seedless, no sticks stems seeds from me. Gave 1/4's of White widow for $40.
  9. for urine tests, you can be clean in 3-30 days. I'm not sure about the actual time for saliva tests, but 6 or 7 weeks should be plenty, especially if you don't smoke much.
  10. and especially if you only ate it. unless you let it soak in your mouth for an hour or two.

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