hey grasscity what do you guys think of me???

Discussion in 'General' started by mbfm, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. if you want i'll tell you what i think aobut you too
  2. Haven't seen you around, but you shouldn't care what we think of you, unless your being a giant tool.
  3. I think you make a lot of pointless threads, I also have a suspicion that you are a troll.
  4. You used to have a red bar which made you COOL in my book. Now, I'm not so sure. You're like, the same as everyone else you know? Where is your character? Don't be a clone.

    Hahaa I'm kidding, I'm just messing with you. I don't know, some of your threads make me go "lolwut"
  5. wiener
  6. What does your name stand for?
  7. seems like you crave attention

    think your something positive

    really tho, pretty shitty negative / dumb vibes

    captain truth out, byeeeeeeeeeee

  8. i was a giant tool but im trying to leave that part of my life behind me

  9. money banking and financial markets its the title of a the nearest textbook when i was making my account idk why i used it lol

  10. im sorry if you feel like that but i have that effect sometimes on people im not doing it on purpose

  11. i tried to be a rebel but people keep giving me rep i told them to stop ahahah
  12. There I think I just gave you your second bar.

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    Who the hell cares what we think? It doesn't matter...if we tell you we don't like something about you, what are you gonna change it? Then you're not truly being yourself my friend.

    Don't think about what others are thinking or you will drive yourself crazy. You probably over think everything, That is how I used to be.

    Only thing you can do to fix it, is instead of thinking your doing something wrong and have to fix it to fit in, assume your doing shit right and make everyone want to be like you.

    edit- This also goes with trying to fit in way to much, dumb it down a lil. You're like ranch dressing, all up over the walls and shit

  14. baby you know i like it when you do it like that

  15. haha i do assume that but in real life im too masculine and fearsome for people to tell me what they think so maybe you guys wouldnt be afraid to let me know lol

    obviously im not going to change who i am for you lol
  16. I think I would get banned if I told you what I really think of you so instead I'll post a picture of what I feel like whenever I see another stupid thread made by you.


  17. [​IMG]

  18. you keep clicking on them though your mouth is telling me no but your penis is telling you yes

  19. uh thats kind of gross so you can wash yourself then we can butt fuck :) holla @ ur boi
  20. who are you

    do you even know who i am (i'm not sure i do either)
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