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hey GC!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fullmetal20, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. ok well for my english class my teacher told us to pick any current event subject in the world and make a Problem/solution essay, and of course im going to make it on MJ laws n such

    i already know a very good amount of what im going to write but im making this thread so you guys can give me small lil subjects and your personal thoughts about the problem/solution for this topic

    and yea i know its not something BIG and important, but im really dedicated to show that stoners arnt just lazy dumb bums and that were actually really good thinkers n whatnot :smoke:
  2. Write the reasons why weed is ACTUALLY illegal, and expose the govt. for who they truly are XD
  3. Or, you could list and support all the benefits of MJ. Explain why it was falsely outlawed and the reasons that it should be re-legalized. :smoke:
  4. ^^^^^^^

    There's tons of them haha.
  5. yea like so far i had to make a rough draft for my teacher, i put things like all the people who lives got jacked up cause of simple possesion and things how mj can be used for many medical reasons,things about hemp and how its one of the best industrial plants in the world and how if it were to be legalilzed it could be controled and regulated, so there would be no increase in crime (cause in most cases if your selling mj, your a criminal) and how it could then be taxed and with that money we could solve bbigger issues like health care and much more, then we could even stop using so much tax money on programs that are made just for busting mj plantions and what not and put that money to better use

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