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  1. Ok, city, heres the deal:

    My college has this web system where we can register for classes, pay fees, all that good crap. It used to work good, until this semester. I have decided to give the college a piece of my mind. Let me know what you think, and I know its a bit long. Thanks.


    As you can probably guess from my subject line, I would like to file a complaint in regards to the Websmart application, namely the schedule display.

    My first class meeting was for ACTG 144 with Mrs R, from 11:25am-12:25 pm, and the schedule displayed the location of Building 14 room 119. The problem, you ask? There is no room 119. At first I thought I was mistaken, so I checked both levels, and alas, no room 119. I figured the room must be a hidden room, like the train platform in the Harry Potter novels, so I ran into a wall. Pain,slight humiliation, but no room 119. I tried clicking my heels three times, and no room 119.
    I came across another student who was looking for the room number as well, and she showed me her student schedule, and it too displayed Building 14, room 119. She and I both went to the lady at the social sciences division ( I think) since the woman there has always been helpful in the past. We explained our predicament, and she checked her list of schedules, and did not see an indication. We went back to the building, only to discover that our professor had taped a notice on room 105 that this was room 119, and this is where the ACTG 144 class will be held. She had evidently taped it on after our searching. I went on to Websmart later and checked the schedule again, and apparently some magic fairy had changed the room number to 105. How clever I thought, but there was one flaw: There was another student with the schedule printed out, that clearly indicated the phantom room number. I also have a copy of my bill that indicates room 119.

    Onto the second issue:

    The schedule had indicated that the first meeting for my SPAN 131 class with Mr C would begin on Friday, Jan 23. I attended and there was no issue, until today. When he checked off my name on the roll sheet, I noticed he had marked me absent on the first day. I tried to correct him, only to be informed that I had not been present for the "first class meeting" which was actually Wednesday, Jan 21. I explained to him the error in the display schedule, to no avail. I now have an absence on my record, because of another error of Websmarts display schedule. Only this time, Websmart fairy, I made sure to save todays copy of the display schedule (which still indicates Jan 23 as the starting date, as well as the bill, which indicates that same starting date. There's no use trying to cover your derrierre now.

    As an apology, I am demanding the three fingers of whomever is responsible for this joke of a display schedule. I figure, since the schedule appeared to be typed by someone who has less than 10 fingers, the next time this sort of an error happens, they will actually have a valid excuse.
    If you do not meet my demands, I will be sending the flying blue monkeys from the wizard of Oz after you, and your little dog too.

    Have a wonderful, sunshiney day.
  2. Perfect, thanks for the chuckle. Love smart humor to get back at such places that screw others so easily.
  3. . . . but u r not worried they might take u too lightly because of the humor?
  4. I think you're the shit and this is awesome. :wave:
  5. pretty funny dude, and gets the point across...
  6. Id leave the last paragraph off, I like it all but the last paragraph doesnt make me want to take you very seriously. Leave the other jokes, but finish strong in the ;last paragraph.

    Just my 2 cents
  7. Lol those letters are awesome! But if you're in college, why are they tacking attendance like its high school or something?

  8. they do that at my college, too

    teachers r paid by how many kids show up to their class
  9. Yeah, I think I will take the last paragraph off, was mostly for shits and giggles. I let the admin know what was going on, and i was then told to email someone else, hence this letter.

    And as Bleez said, the teachers get paid can depend on how many students show up for class. Not only that, but the professors can drop you from the class if you are absent a lot , which is why I'm pissed, I don't want that absence against me because of their mistakes.

    Thanks for your input everyone. :)
  10. Seriously? I've never heard that before. At my college we can come and go to any class (even ones we aren't registered in) as we please. Is this a US thing or am I just crazy?

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