Hey from middle TN

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by megafry, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hey all. I just recently moved to Clarksville, TN from Memphis. I don't know anyone in the area and figured I would join the forums to get to know the community.
  2. hey i just moved to clarksville too but all da way from nj pls tell me you kno where the bud is in this area
  3. ^^ Bro, you're from New Jersey? You're going to have a tough time with that accent here. Just kidding, I'm from middle Tennessee too. Welcome to GC, guys.
  4. i know tell me about it but it seems like my biggest problem is finding something to smoke lol im at the point where idc how good it is lol
  5. You know what, guys? Try to get into Nashville sometime soon. There's dank shit everywhere in Nashville, or so I've heard.
  6. I mean i can try its just i really dont know my way around here or anything like im fresh from jersey nd i dnt wna be that guy to just walk up to some random kid bc i think he smokes nd asks him then look like an asshole lol
  7. What's up guys, east TN here!
  8. Or,
    24, fresh from the academy, and fishing. :eek: :smoke:

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